A Legit Platform To Make Money With Photos in 2024?

If you love photography, you may have come across Clickasnap and be wondering whether it’s worth your time. In this Clickasnap review, we’ll take a look at this photo-sharing platform and determine whether you can potentially earn a decent amount of side hustle cash using it.

Clickasnap is a site that claims it’s the only platform in the world where you get paid EVERY time your photos are viewed.

This does sound brilliant to me, as getting views is way easier than getting someone to part with cash to buy your photos!

But, with over a million photographers on the platform, will your photos actually get found and viewed!?

If you’re a little skeptical – keep reading. We’re going to dive a little deeper into:

  • How Clickasnap works
  • Account options and features
  • How much it pays
  • Who should use it
  • The pros and cons
  • Are there any fees
  • What people are saying
  • The best alternatives.

Let’s get started.

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Clickasnap Review

  • Ease of Use

  • Earning Potential

  • Customer Service

  • Price


Clickasnap is an easy-to-use photo-sharing platform that pays you when your photos get viewed. However, if you opt for the free membership, the earning potential is low. If you’re serious about photography and take great photos, it’s worth upgrading to a Pro plan. This option is extremely affordable, gets your photos seen on the front page, pays you more for views and allows you to sell your photos on products.


  • Can test out Clickasnap with a free account
  • A simple way to build a photo portfolio
  • Payments are made within 24 hours once you earn $15
  • Multiple ways to earn money from your photos
  • You retain the rights to your images
  • Site is optimized for mobile users
  • Clickasnap has a huge audience of photography lovers


  • Low pay-per-view rates
  • Pay for views is somewhat misleading on the homepage
  • Can only request payment through PayPal
  • Your photos are only likely to get views if on a Pro Plan
  • $15 cash-out minimum which some may find hard to reach

Clickasnap Review: How Does it Work?

clickasnap reviewclickasnap review

Clickasnap is a photo-sharing platform that pays for views of original photos.

According to the site, it has over 1 million photographers signed up, and 2 million images are viewed a day.

And, over the 4 years the site has been going, they’ve had a whopping 44 million viewers use the platform.

It offers various options for photographers to make money from their photos, such as:

  • Photo views (earnings depend on the type of account you have)
  • Selling your photos as digital downloads and physically printed products (you set the price for these). Seller and Pro member accounts can create a shop for this powered by Merchr.

If you’re looking to make money from photography, Clickasnap does offer a simple way to do this.

However, Clickasnap does have some criteria you need to meet for views:

  • The ”View” must last at least 5 seconds
  • The image must be in focus when viewed
  • The view must be organic (not with a bot)
  • The view cannot be created by the owner of the images
  • The view must NOT be a result of click circles
  • Views must NOT be created by offering incentives.

Clickasnap has a simple sign-up process, and you can register in a few minutes with your email address or social media account.

Once you start uploading photos, how often they get viewed and how much you get paid per view will depend on the type of account you have, which I’ve detailed below.

Account Options and Features

A ‘‘Free account” on Clickasnap is a great way to get a feel for the platform.

This option comes with some restrictions, such as reduced customization options for your profile, a lower pay-per-view, and limited photo uploads.

The paid monthly plans allow you to have unlimited uploads, a higher pay rate per view, and to sell your photos as products.

If you’re looking to make a decent amount of money from your photos, these options seem the way to go.

Here’s an overview of the account options and what features you get:

Clickasnap reviewClickasnap review

Free Account

  • Free to sign up.
  • 20 uploads a day.
  • Paid views 0.1c.


  • £3/month
  • Unlimited photo uploads.
  • Paid views 0.7c.

Seller Account

  • £5/month.
  • Unlimited photo uploads.
  • Sell photos as products.
  • Offer free digital downloads.
  • Paid views 0.8c.

Pro Seller account

  • £7/month.
  • All features from previous plans.
  • Photos featured on the front page to increase visibility and earning potential.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • No ads for a better browsing experience.
  • Paid views 0.9c.

Clickasnap Review: Payment Information

You can request payment once you hit the $15 earnings threshold.

Click ”Check Earnings” to see how much you’ve been paid, and this is where you can add your PayPal address for payments.

Who Should Use It?

Clickasnap is available for anyone to sign up and use worldwide.

However, you will need to be at least 18 years of age and have a PayPal account to get paid.

And while Clickasnap is a legitimate platform for making money from photography, it might not be right for everyone.

Clickasnap reserves the right to refuse low-quality photos; all uploads are subject to a quality check.

I would say that Clickasnap is only worthwhile for pro and semi-pro photographers who know how to take high-quality images.

Clickasnap Review: Tips to Make the Most Money

While it’s possible to make money with a free membership on Clickasnap, the amount you earn is not likely to be significant as your photos won’t be seen by users of the site frequently.

To make the most out of Clickasnap, paying a monthly fee is the way to go, so you get paid extra per view, your photos get shown on the front page, and you have more diverse earning options.

Upgrade to a Paid Subscription

To increase your Clickasnap earning potential, it’s well worth upgrading to a Pro seller account.

A small monthly fee allows you to enjoy unlimited uploads, sell your photos as products, and get your photos featured on the Clickasnap homepage.

This opens you up to multiple income streams, such as:

With this option, there’s no limit to how much money you can make selling photos online.

Spend Time Customizing Your Profile

Having a great Clickasnap profile could be a determining factor in whether someone decides to buy a photo from you or view more photos.

Take the time to customize your profile with a high-quality picture and a compelling bio, and take advantage of any other customization features on offer so your profile stands out.

View Clickasnap Tutorials

tutorials and help pagetutorials and help page

Clickasnap has a helpful blog and support page where you can find a range of tips and tutorials to make the most out of your account.

These tutorials include general information about how to get set up and how to start selling with your own shop.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to other members in the Clickasnap forum.

By understanding how to use Clickasnap and engaging with others in the community, you can fully optimize your account to make money.

Upload High-Quality Photos

high quality photoshigh quality photos

High-quality photos and getting them seen will help you earn more money on Clickasnap.

Fuzzy and low-quality images are unlikely to get views or purchases.

Make sure your photos are of high resolution and preview them before you hit upload. One bad photo could ruin your account’s reputation and turn potential customers away forever.

Social Media Integration

If you have a large following on social media, it’ll help if you link it to your Clickasnap account.

By doing this, you can get more views for your Clickasnap work, which will help increase your earnings and popularity on the site.

Is There a Customer Support Team?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQs, Clickasnap staff offer support Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm GMT.

Just click on ”Contact Support,” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can submit a ticket.

The support team aims to answer queries within 3 working days.

Clickasnap Review: What Are People Saying?

Clickasnap has a 3.2 average star rating on Trustpilot.

Good reviews mention the easy-to-use interface and helpful customer support.

clickasnap reviewclickasnap review

Bad reviews talk about how the pay-per-view information for photos is misleading and how the platform seems buggy.

clickasnap reviewclickasnap review

Best Clickasnap Alternatives

There are many great Clickasnap alternatives to make money from your photos. These include:


SmugMug offers a range of tools for photographers to make money as a side hustle or full-time profession.

Enjoy client management and marketing tools, billing tools, customizable pricelists, and multiple options to show off your photos, such as slideshows and carousel reels.

Alongside individual photo sales, SmugMug is partnered with print labs so your photos can be bought and printed onto a range of items such as wall art, keepsakes, books, paper prints, and digital images.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial. Power plan $18/m, Portfolio plan $37/m, Pro plan $54/m, and Venture/custom pricing.


Foap homepageFoap homepage

Foap is a popular platform where brands and businesses go to buy photo and video content.

Over 3,000 brands are currently using Foap, and $3+ million has been paid out to creators in the last 10 years.

You can download the Foap app from Google Play and the App Store, create an account, and start uploading your photos.

Brands and agencies will contact you directly if they like what they see, and you can make money from photo sales and brand partnerships.

Pricing: Free for creators.


Shootproof homepageShootproof homepage

ShootProof is an all-in-one photography business tool made by photographers, for photographers.

It offers a range of tools to help you make money, including a portfolio website to showcase your images, an online photo gallery for each client, digital invoices, ready-made blank contracts, email campaigns, and more.

You can even grow your business with print sales and choose the products you want your images printed onto and keep 100% of the profits!

Pricing: Free plan available. 1,500 Photo Plan $10/m, 5,000 Photo Plan $20/m and 25,000 Photo Plan $30/m.

Clickasnap Review: Final Verdict

After reading this Clickasnap review, you can see it’s a legitimate platform to upload photos and make money from views and product sales.

However, if you don’t pay for a Pro plan, your view rate will likely be minimal, and with the low payouts on offer, it’ll be hard to make much money.

But, if you’re new to photography and want a place to store your photos while connecting with others in the industry, this is a great platform to start on.

And, making money for views is entirely passive, so you can upload your photos and leave them to earn a few dollars here and there without doing any more work.

Once you get used to the platform, consider upgrading to the Pro plan so your photos get shown on the Clickasnap homepage for more views, and you can increase your income potential by selling your photos on products.

Want to make a business from photography?

Learn how to build a niche website to showcase your photos like a pro.

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