51 Music Blogs to Follow, Submit Your Music, or Inspire Your Site in 2024

Music blogs are a great way to stay up to date on all the latest music news, discover new music, find out what’s going on in the music industry, and check out artist interviews.

If you’re passionate about music and looking to turn it into a career, writing for an online music publication, starting your own music blog, or submitting your music to one of these blogs to grow your following are great ways to make that dream a reality.

Best Music Blogs for General Music Fans

Music lovers will likely have heard of these blogs before, and these are great examples of what a small indie music blog can become.

1. Rolling Stone

So much more than just your average music blog, Rolling Stone has been an iconic source of pop culture news for the last five decades and is still going strong.

Covering the latest news in music, TV, and even politics, this is the penultimate example of what you could grow your humble little music blog eventually into.

2. Pitchfork

Another big name when it comes to the best music blogs out there most people have heard of Pitchfork. The online music magazine is owned by Conde Naste, the same company behind the likes of GQ, Vanity Fair, and Tatler Mags, but it started out as a humble indie music blog.

Recordshop worker Ryan Schreiber started posting album reviews and featuring independent artists back in 1995 and quickly gained traction with music fans worldwide.

3. Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound is an online music publication based in Chicago that features new music across all genres, film and tv reviews all in one space.

They also feature an online shop and put out a regular podcast to engage with their audience, which you might consider doing alongside your own music blog.

4. The Playground

UK-based music blog, the Playground, is so much more than just a blog. They specialize in growing emerging artists and hosting events in the music industry.

Plus, their music magazine is a mix of curated playlists, music reviews, and artist interviews.

5. Billboard

You can hardly start talking about the best music blogs without bringing up Billboard.

For many, it’s the most known source of what’s hot right now in music news.

6. Earmilk

Covering a wide list of genres, Earmilk is a trusted music blog— as well as a go-to platform that also accepts submissions from new artists.

7. Music Business Worldwide

Covering all the latest international music news, Music Business Worldwide focuses more on what’s going on in the industry rather than things like music interviews.

Plus, if you’re looking to work in the industry their job board is always full of postings from all around the world for different kinds of roles.

8. Digital Music News

Also focusing on music news rather than album reviews—Digital Music News is a great source for industry analysis. They also have useful blog posts for musicians to improve and get noticed.

9. HypeBot

For independent artists looking to make it big on the scene, HypeBot covers a lot of “DIY” tips for breaking out.

10. Spin

Since 1985, Spin has shared music news produced by writers who are genuinely passionate and excited about music.

11. Brooklyn Vegan

This NYC-based music blog, Brooklyn Vegan, focuses mostly on heavy metal, punk, and rap but features enough independent music that there’s something for everyone.

12. Gorilla vs. Bear

Sharing the latest music news, album reviews, and more, Gorilla vs. Bear is a trusted online music publication.

However, what sets them apart is their embedded playlist highlighting new tracks for you to discover and enjoy.

13. NME

Practically synonymous with music magazine, New Music Express, or NME as it’s more commonly known today has been going strong since the 50s!

From print to the online world, NME is a go-to source for all things music, with extra info on new films and gaming trends.

Rap/Hip Hop/R&B Music Blogs

More interested in hip-hop culture and rap music?

All the latest industry news and hottest new tunes can be found on these music websites.

14. This is RnB

If rhythm and blues are what soothes your soul, This is RnB features a ton of lesser-known artists. Plus, if you don’t feel like reading up on your music news, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch up and jam out.

15. Rap Up

Featuring all the latest in the world of rap music, Rap Up is the perfect go-to source for new music, interviews, and album reviews. Plus, Rap Up will keep you up to date on who said what so you know why that new diss track dropped, and they are active across pretty much all social media platforms.

16. Run the Trap

Lovers of EDM, hip hop, and trap need to be following Run the Trap. Not only do they curate great playlists, but you can get the inside scoop on exclusive events and be the first to hear new music.

17. Rap Radar

This is one of those music blogs you can tell is run by genuine fans of rap music. And if you’re always hungry for more, Rap Radar publishes new content daily and sometimes more than once a day.

18. Hip Hop Wired

More than just a music blog, Hip Hop Wired is more of a lifestyle blog. Here, you’ll learn everything you need or want to know about hip-hop culture. They even have a politics section so you can stay up to date on world news at the same time.

19. 2DopeBoyz

Originally launched almost 20 years ago, 2DopeBoyz, was founded by… 2 dope boys.

Meka Udoh and Joel Zela from HipHopDX (another blog worth checking out) branched out to start their own music blog, which became instrumental in introducing new artists to the rap scene.

20. Add This Music

A music blog featuring rap songs, Hip-Hop, RnB, you name it—but it’s all clean. No swearing, misogyny, or drug references.

Maybe not your thing, but if you like rap beats and want something to play in the car with your kids, Add This Music might be the place to look.

21. This Song is Sick * accepts submissions

Not strictly a hip hop/rap blog, This Song is Sick features music from all genres (and accepts submissions in all genres, too) but has a particularly hype-worthy hip-hop section.

Pop Music Blogs

If you’re looking to break into the pop music scene, you’ll be coming up against some fierce competition to find your audience, so finding a way to make it more niche will help you stand out.

22. PopJustice

Specializing in 21st-century pop, Pop Justice was established by none other than music journalist Peter Robinson.

He’s been writing about music and the music business since age 15 and knows how to spot emerging artists and make great Spotify playlists.

23. The Fader * accepts submissions (more indie pop)

Fader covers all the latest news from the typical big names in the music industry, but they also accept indie pop submissions from new and emerging artists.

24. Pop Crush

If you’re looking for music, movies, TV, and general news all in one place—PopCrush has you covered.

25. Idolator

You can expect breaking news, music analysis, reviews, and exclusive interviews with photos from Idolator. Literally perfect for all pop music fans.

26. Pop On and On

As the name suggests, Pop On and On is a blog dedicated to all things…you guessed it…Pop.

You can expect hot new music releases and independent music from up-and-coming artists.

Indie Music Blogs

For all things indie music and indie rock, follow one (or all) of these blogs to keep up to date with new music and everything happening on the scene.

27. Stereo Gum

The first indie music magazine to write about Billie Eilish (you know, the girl with green hair and nine Grammys) was Stereogum.

They also helped music fans discover the likes of Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, so if you’re looking to discover new music, it’s a hot blog to follow.

28. Indie Shuffle * accepts submissions

Part music blog, part your-best-friend-showing-you-new-music, Indie Shuffle puts out typical blog posts but also offers visitors “shuffle play.”

Roll the dice and find new music you’ll love.

Indie Shuffle also accepts indie music submissions from around the world.

29. Earmilk

Earmilk isn’t strictly indie content, though they do lean heavily on indie music.

Their diverse staff have interests across all genres, making it a great blog to look at if you want to write about music. You can also check out their job page, as they often look for writers.

30. Under the Radar

Under the Radar offers music fans the best new music alongside album reviews, interviews, and photoshoots.

31. Aquarium Drunkard

Based out of Los Angeles, Aquarium Drunkard is great for new indie musicians looking to submit their music and grow their audience. The music blog covers indie, funk, avant-garde, and more experimental music.

32. Indie Underground

Indie Underground, also known as Underground Beats, specializes in Canadian indie music and has all the info you need to know for upcoming festivals and events in the indie music scene.

33. Indie Is Not a Genre * accepts submissions

The folks over at Indie is Not a Genre may be hard to impress, but they do accept submissions, and their music website is a great place to grow your fan base.

34. Atwood Magazine

Focusing on music discovery, Atwood Magazine covers all the essential music news, your typical reviews of established artists, blah, blah, blah.

But they also showcase brand-new music and offer great insight into what’s up and coming.

Electronic Dance Music Blogs

EDM music lovers unite! You’ll find a great mix of music reviews for house music, electronic music, and other underground music genres on these music websites.

35. Mix Mag

A big name in the electronic music scene, Mix Mag has all the latest news, features, and even tickets to events.

36. Resident Advisor

For the inside scoop on festivals around the world, Resident Advisor has you covered.

37. Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut is often hailed as an authority in the world of electronic dance music.

With that in mind, they also accept submissions, making it a great place to drop your hot new dance track.

38. Your EDM

One stop for everything related to electronic dance music, Your EDM has got the latest in new releases and music reviews. You can also connect with others through their Discord chat.

Country Music Blogs

Country music is another massive genre with more than 42% of the population of the US tuning in to listen to the likes of Blakes Shelton and Luke Combs.

And here are some options for these country fans to discover new artists!

39. Taste of Country

Brought to you from Nashville, Tennessee – Taste of Country covers everything you’d expect from a country music blog.

Plus, this powerhouse puts out tons of new content every day, so you’ll never be short of something to read.

40. The Boot

With exclusive content and a calendar of important country events, The Boot will keep you updated on everything country.

41. Nashville Gab

Looking for a country music blog that reads like a bit of gossip with your friends? Nashville Gab is just that.

They’ve also got a lively social media community to be a part of if you want to connect with like-minded music fans.

42. Twangville * accepts submissions

Twangville has been showcasing alt-country tunes since 2005. This is a great country blog if you’re also looking to submit music.

43. Whiskey Riff

Run by genuine country fans, Whiskey Riff is about highlighting the lifestyle of country music.

Expect podcasts and blogs to go alongside music reviews and country playlists.

44. The Women of Country Music

A music blog dedicated to the powerhouse women in the country music industry?

The Women of Country Music highlights female talent.

45. Saving Country Music

Saving Country Music is run by Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos, a name well-known in country music circles.

The music blog prides itself on putting music above people and holding on to the roots of true country music.

Other Music Blogs

Looking for something a little less mainstream? These are some of the best music blogs covering some less popular genres.

46. Classical Music (by BBC music magazine)

Classical Music is your go-to blog for all things orchestral, concerto, and opera.

Expect features, reviews, and the latest news in the classical music industry.

47. Metal Injection

With a curated metal music playlist, tour calendar, and exclusive videos—Metal Injection is a great blog for heavy metal fans to follow.

48. Louder Than War

For music news that’s a little bit less mainstream, Louder Than War is a self-proclaimed punk blog led by musician John Robb.

49. Loudwire

Hard rock, indie rock, alt-rock—whatever your rock cup of tea, Loudwire has you covered.

50. Marlbank

If jazz is more youre speed, Marlbank is one of the most popular jazz music blogs on the net, complete with a weekly podcast focusing on music discovery.

51. Slipped Disc

Another classical music blog, Slipped Disc pays homage to classical and everything related.

The blog relies heavily on reader input, so you can expect lively debate in the comments and plenty of content.

Music Blogs in Conclusion

Music blogs are some of the most popular blogs on the Internet. Starting your own music blog can be a fantastic side hustle, especially if you combine regular blog posts with some of these music affiliate programs on your music website.

And if that’s your goal – be sure to also check out The Affiliate Lab for a foolproof step-by-step blueprint you can follow to:

  • Get started with your blog,
  • Create the best content,
  • Grow your site with SEO,
  • Monetize with affiliate marketing and ads,
  • And even eventually sell it if you’d like!

Alternatively, building up a reputation on music blogs with your music might be just the step you need to get into a record deal!

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