4 Best Palworld Server Hosting 2024 [Gamer Opinion]

So you are ready with your Gaming freaks friends to play Palworld? Want to Change the rules? Want to onboard more than 4 players? Want to add mods for extra fun? Want to gain full control? Want to experience beast level performance?

Well, If this is the need, Then it’s time to build a dedicated Palworld server. But setup on your own server is a huge technical mess. I know you have only one option left is to host your Palworld dedicated server on a third party game hosting service.

But there are dozens of Palworld server hosting services. Which one should you rent?

To make your life easy, We have reviewed a couple of Palworld server hosts and finally came up with the top 4. We only finalized them after carefully comparing them with Palworld system requirements.

Short on time? Just read a “Verdict” section attached to all contenders of today’s list of best Palworld server hosting providers.

Let’s start with a quick intro to Palworld.

best palworld server hostingbest palworld server hosting

What is Palworld?

Palworld, an upcoming game by Pocket Pair, merges action, adventure, and monster-taming in an open world. With “Pals” as companions, players can build, fight, and make choices that shape the story in a unique gaming experience.

List of Top 4 Palworld Server Hosting Services 2024

To determine the best Palworld server hosting, gamers generally consider the following factors, and keeping these factors in mind, we have finalized this list:

  • Performance: Is the gaming server providing a lag-free performance?
  • Hardware Specs: Are the company’s server CPUs meeting the benchmarked system requirements for Palworld?
  • Security: How secure is the server?
  • Reliability: What is the server’s uptime like?
  • Customer Support: How is the quality of customer support?
  • Number of Data Centers: Is there more than one data center available for remote players?
  • Dedicated Resources: Are users getting dedicated resources for Palworld throughout the entire server?
  • Scalability: Is the server capable of scaling resources whenever needed?
  • Customization & Mod Support: Is customization and mod support available?

Quick Summary of Our Top Palworld Server Hosts:

  • Hostinger: Great for gamers on a budget looking for good performance
  • Shockbyte: Best for extreme customization
  • DatHost: Best for mid range budget
  • Zap Hosting: Great for those in search of lifetime plans for the Palworld server

1. Hostinger:  Best For Budget Gamers Seeking Good Performance

Rated: 4.7/5

hostinger palworldhostinger palworld

Does Hostinger Game Hosting Meet Palworld Server Checklist?

  • Dedicated Server: Yes, Hostinger provides dedicated game servers, not shared VPS servers.
  • Multiplayer Capacity: Yes, the Palworld host server supports 32 players in multiplayer.
  • Processor Power: Yes, Hostinger gaming servers utilize powerful AMD EPYC processors, surpassing the Palworld minimum required processor i5-3570K
  • RAM Requirements: Yes, Hostinger offers VPS servers with 16 GB RAM, meeting Palworld’s requirements.
  • Reliability: Yes, Hostinger’s game servers ensure 99.9% uptime for continuous gameplay.
  • Security Measures: Yes, Hostinger implements DDoS protection, Malware Protection, IP Firewall, 2FA, and more for secure gaming.
  • Backup System: Yes, weekly automated backups are available to safeguard game data.
  • Customization Support: Yes, Hostinger’s Palworld server supports Mods and provides users with complete root access at an admin level.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Yes, Hostinger offers a dedicated Game Panel for easy Palworld server installation, allowing users to launch and play in multiplayer mode without complex Linux commands.
  • Scalability: Yes, Hostinger Palworld Game Servers are scalable to accommodate growing needs.
  • Technical Support: While technical support is available, it is noted as slightly lower in quality, with users relying on live chat support and the VPS AI assistant.
  • Data Centers: Yes, Hostinger offers multiple data centers for remote gamers.

Why is Hostinger a good Palworld hosting?

Hostinger Palworld Hosting has always been known for its affordability, and that’s why we have also consistently ranked it at the top of our list for the best Minecraft server hosting

Their plans are among the most budget-friendly in the market, starting at just $8.99/month. 

Even today, we continue to prioritize Hostinger game hosting because we’ve observed that users not only save money with this hosting but also experience excellent performance. 

With NVMe SSD storage and a speedy 300 Mb/s network, Dedicated resources, Closest data centers, AMD processor, the Palworld performance gets a great boost.

Here is a screenshot of Hostinger uptime report from the last few months:

hostinger latest last 6 months uptime reporthostinger latest last 6 months uptime report

They claim a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and our performance report confirms the accuracy of this claim.

When it comes to the Palworld hosting server checklist, Hostinger has achieved all the ticks. 

However, their technical support seems a bit weak. Although they offer live chat support, since this is unmanaged VPS hosting, users either have to rely on their chat support or the VPS AI assistant for help. This is a clear drawback.

Despite cheap pricing, you get a dedicated VPS game server and not a shared one. Meaning the resources allocated to you will only be available to you.

After pricing, the biggest benefit of Hostinger is its Game Panel and straightforward setup, especially beneficial for gamers. I am saying to you because I have set up a Palworld dedicated server through their hosting.

Most gamers recommend Hostinger Palworld hosting because of its beginner-friendly Game Panel.

Their process for building a dedicated server is remarkably simple. All you have to do is navigate to their VPS dashboard > Access Game Panel > login > create instance and launch a dedicated server. That’s all.

simple setup of palworld server on hostingersimple setup of palworld server on hostinger

Here, Gamers don’t have to manually install SteamCMD, which, as you know, requires a lot of technical Linux knowledge.


  • 30 Days money back guarantee so that you can set up your Palworld server risk free
  • Users can upscale or downgrade the server resources any time as per requirement
  • Allows up to 32 players
  • Full Mod Support for customizing the gameplay. 
  • Have a data center for almost every part of the world, helping remote players in performance during the Palworld gameplay


  • Scalability support is not available beyond 16 GB of RAM.
  • Hostinger is an Unmanaged VPS gaming hosting, so users need to rely on live chat support to find solutions independently.
  • One month plan isn’t available. Other players are giving this advantage so that gamers can test the Palworld hosting server without risk.

How much does Hostinger Palworld server cost?

Hostinger offers 2 straightforward plans: 

  • Game Panel 2: Cost you $8.99/mo
  • Game Panel 4: Cost you $14.99/mo

The Game Panel 2 offers 8 GB RAM, While you will get 16 GB RAM in the Game Panel 4 plan which meets the Palworld system requirements. Mod support, Root Access, Support, DDoS protection, and other features would be similar in both plans. 

Most of the existing Hostinger users prefer the Game Panel 4 plan, as it offers 2X more CPU power and enough RAM to play Palworld in a multiplayer mode.

parameters and hosting limits of hostinger palworld vps serversparameters and hosting limits of hostinger palworld vps servers

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Hostinger is a budget-friendly and reliable choice for Palworld server hosting, offering dedicated VPS servers with AMD EPYC processors. The user-friendly Game Panel makes setup easy for beginner gamers. While technical support is limited, it provides a cost-effective and accessible option with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

More Information:

2. Shockbyte: Best For Extreme Customization

Rated: 4.8/5

shockbyte palworldshockbyte palworld

Does Shockbyte Game Hosting Meet Palworld Server Checklist?

  • Dedicated Game Server or Shared: Dedicated
  • Multiplayer Capacity: Allow 12 or 32 players in one server
  • Powerful Processors: Yes
  • Meet Palworld RAM Requirements: RAM information hasn’t been disclosed by Shockbyte
  • Reliability: They are not giving any uptime guarantee
  • Security Features: DDoS protection
  • Backup System: Automated
  • Mod Customization Support: Yes, they support Mod
  • User-Friendly Installation: Yes
  • Scalability: Yes
  • Technical Support: Not good, 24*7 live chat is absent. 
  • Multiple Data Centers: Yes

Why Prefer Shockbyte for Palworld Game Hosting?

Shockbyte, well-known for Minecraft server hosting, is now offering Palworld hosting. They provide services for both 12 and 32 players. One of their main advantages is real-time CPU power. 

Unlike other hosts with servers configured for normal usage, Shockbyte gives users the option to customize how they want to utilize CPU power. Since Palworld involves resource-intensive gameplay, a high-performance CPU can handle it, providing users with excellent performance

shockbyte cpu configurations optionsshockbyte cpu configurations options

Another factor contributing to Shockbyte’s performance is its hardware selection. Commonly, their servers are hosted on the following CPU hardware: Intel Xeon E-2236, Intel Xeon E5-1650v4, AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, and Intel Core i7-7700K.

After a thorough manual review of the CPU specifications and a comparison with Palworld system requirements, all CPUs are confirmed to meet the necessary criteria for optimal performance.

However, it’s important to highlight that Shockbyte falls short in the support aspect. In contrast to Hostinger, Shockbyte does not provide a live chat facility, and users have to rely on the ticket-based system and knowledge base for assistance.


  • Unlimited disk storage (NVMe SSD)
  • High performance can be achieved due to a high level of CPU configurations
  • The settings of the whole server are customizable. User will get full access as well
  • Automated backups are a plus point
  • Migration from other game hosts is possible through FTP
  • Have given multiple data centers the option to choose both before & after running a server


  • Can get expensive because of different CPU configurations & power selection
  • They are not giving an uptime guarantee & not disclosing the RAM info as well.
  • The control panel is not that beginner friendly as you see in Hostinger
  • Customer support is weak and lacks live chat support
  • The refund policy is too short – Only 72 Hours

How much does the Shockbyte Palworld server cost?

Shockbyte has 2 plans available in 4 different periods for the Palworld game server:

  • Lamball Plan: $11.99/month – For 12 players
  • Grizzbolt Plan: $19.99/month – For 32 players

On top of it, if you choose High or Real-time as a CPU priority then you have to pay an additional $4/month or $10/month. For true gaming performance, this additional expense for CPU configuration could play a huge role in your Palworld gameplay.

We recommend considering a 1-month subscription before making a purchase, as it involves less risk.


Shockbyte Palworld hosting is good for experienced gamers who like customization, but it might get a bit expensive. It lacks guaranteed uptime and doesn’t reveal RAM info. If you’re into advanced CPU & server configuration features, it’s worth considering, but beginners or those wanting live chat support & budget gaming hosting might prefer other options. Try a 1-month subscription first to be cautious.

More Information:

3. DatHost: Best For Mid Range Budget

Rated: 4.5/5

dathost palworlddathost palworld

Does DatHost Game Hosting Meet Palworld Server Checklist?

  • Dedicated Game Server or Shared: Dedicated
  • Multiplayer Capacity: 32 players in one server
  • Powerful Processors: Yes
  • Meet Palworld RAM Requirements: RAM information hasn’t been disclosed by DatHost
  • Reliability: No uptime guarantee is provided by them.
  • Security Features: Not disclosed
  • Backup System: Automated Daily Backups
  • Mod Customization Support: Yes
  • User-Friendly Installation: Yes
  • Scalability: Yes
  • Technical Support: Only through email. 
  • Multiple Data Centers: Yes

Why Choose DatHost for Palworld server hosting?

DatHost is praised on Reddit for its Palworld hosting, recognized for its performance-oriented approach. DatHost is providing everything needed for playing the Palworld game on a dedicated server.

Another perk here is the availability of unlimited RAM usage. Another highlighted aspect of their game hosting is having a total of 26 data centers, a feature not seen in any other Palworld hosting services so far. If your players are situated remotely worldwide, DatHost ensures no compromise in performance.

In terms of Palworld requirements, DatHost utilizes powerful CPUs and other hardware, employing configurations such as AMD EPYC 7443, DDR4 ECC RAM, Ryzen 7900, 128GB of DDR5 RAM, and SSD storage.


  • The pricing is moderate, meaning users receive high-end performance at an affordable price point.
  • Unlimited RAM usage is a notable advantage.
  • Positive reviews from gamers regarding Palworld performance.
  • Always updated, as DatHost follows a 15-minute update schedule whenever a new Palworld update is released.
  • One month plan is available for a quick risk free server performance test.
  • A 7 Days money back policy is attached.


  • Uptime guarantee is not given in writing
  • Support would be a problem as you won’t get customer support team help through live chat. You have to depend on the email approach with DatHost.
  • Less secure servers
  • Migration from other game hosts is not a feature available here

How much does the DatHost Palworld server cost?

On DatHost, you can find Palworld servers starting at $15.90 per month. Compared to others, DatHost’s plans are in the mid-range. At this pricing point, it offers unmatched performance.


DatHost Palworld server host is great for gamers on a budget who want good performance. It suits those who like to customize and need unlimited RAM. However, there’s no guaranteed uptime in writing, and getting support is through email only. The servers may not be very secure, and you can’t move from another game host. It’s good for testing with a one-month plan and a 7-day money-back option, but consider these points before deciding.

4. Zap Hosting: Best For Setting up a Server For a Palworld & Other Games in One Go

Rated: 4.2/5

Does Zap Hosting Meet the Palworld Server Checklist?

  • Dedicated Game Server or Shared: Dedicated
  • Multiplayer Capacity: 32 players in one server
  • Powerful Processors: Yes
  • Meet Palworld RAM Requirements: Yes, Scaling of up to 32 GB RAM is possible
  • Reliability: No uptime guarantee is provided by them.
  • Security Features: DDoS protection
  • Backup System: Manual
  • Mod Customization Support: Yes
  • User-Friendly Installation: Yes
  • Scalability: Only support upscaling
  • Technical Support: Possible through live chat
  • Multiple Data Centers: Yes

Why is Zap Hosting the best Palworld server host?

Zap Hosting is the last player we have finalized for Palworld server hosting. The two main reasons for choosing this game host over others are the support for lifetime plans and the game switch functionality, allowing gamers to switch from Palworld to another game without deletion or additional payment.

Regarding Palworld system requirements, Zap Hosting utilizes Intel E5-2650v4 processors, successfully passing benchmark tests. Additionally, users have the option to choose up to 32 GB of RAM, enabling gamers to design their servers according to their requirements.

While Zap Hosting may initially seem affordable, a closer look at their plans reveals that their pricing becomes considerably higher due to various add-ons. This is a drawback of this Palworld game server.


  • Game swapping is possible without extra charge
  • The introduction of lifetime plans offers users increased flexibility in payment options.
  • Provide 24*7 live chat support
  • Give the user more control in plan customization as per their needs
  • Migration support is there


  • Not automated backups. Users have to click manually to initiate a backup
  • Pricing is very confusing and can go really high if you tick all essential add-ons
  • You can’t downgrade your plan
  • RAM usage isn’t unlimited

How much does the Zap Hosting Palworld server cost?

On the Zap Hosting pricing page, you will see 2 plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $7.14/month
  • Lifetime Plan: $60 

However, this is not a reality.

Zap Hosting Pricing is based on the default lowest features, so adjusting Palworld system requirements like player slots, disk space, RAM, and CPU type may make the default plans expensive. 

After optimizing, monthly plans reach up to $220, and lifetime plans exceed $1700. If choosing Zap Hosting, carefully review the pricing structure, and note that you can upgrade for more resources, but downgrading is not possible.


Consider Zap Hosting only if you want to set your gaming life by making a one-time expense for a dedicated server for Palworld and other games you have on your list.

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FAQs: Best Palworld Server Hosting Providers

What is Palworld Server?

Palworld server is a server where you can play Palworld online in a multiplayer mode. A community server is open to the public, allowing anyone to discover and join. On the other hand, a dedicated server, equipped with its own IP, is intended for private use among you and your friends. It’s worth noting that dedicated servers can only be created on the Steam version of the game

What specifications does Palworld server hosting require to meet Palworld requirements?

To qualify, Palworld third-party server needs to meet these requirements: 
– OS: Windows or Linux
– Processor: i5-3570K 3.4 GHz 4 Core or similar power-based
– RAM: 16 GB or More
– Storage: 40 GB or More 
– Disk Type: SSD
– High-end internet connection

Why should I host a dedicated Palworld server?

Hosting a dedicated Palworld server allows you to customize rules, accommodate more than 4 players, and add mods for an enhanced gaming experience. It provides better control over the gaming environment.

Why choose a third-party game hosting service?

Setting up your own server can be technically challenging, making third-party game hosting services a more convenient option. They offer pre-configured servers, ease of setup, and technical support.

What are the top 4 Palworld server hosting services in 2024?

1. Hostinger
2. Shockbyte
3. DatHost
4. Zap Hosting

What are the key factors to consider when selecting a Palworld server hosting service?

Consider factors such as performance, hardware specifications, security features, reliability, customer support quality, data center locations, dedicated resources, scalability options, and support for customization and modding.

How much does a Palworld server cost?

The pricing for Palworld server hosting can differ significantly, typically beginning at approximately $8-$12 per month.

Is it possible to expand server resources as my Palworld community expands?

Certainly! With all Palworld server lists mentioned, you have the flexibility to enhance server resources to match the growth of your Palworld community.

Final Words on Best Palworld Hosting Servers

Palworld gained popularity right from the beginning of 2024, and this is why there is a high demand for dedicated game servers for this game on all top game hosting platforms. Undoubtedly, Hosting a dedicated game server has huge advantages.

Before buying, I would like to suggest that you opt for a company offering a plan with a shorter tenure initially. This way, you can assess whether the performance and gameplay meet your expectations, making it a risk-free judgment.

As for the best Palworld server hosts mentioned in this list today, all of them have received positive reviews within the gaming community. It’s now up to you to decide which one aligns best with your specific needs.

In the future, we will be adding more services to this list. For now, stay tuned. And if you have any other questions, please don’t forget to comment.

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