The 9 Best All In One Social Media Apps for Easy Management in 2024

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a marketing agency, you likely need a proper all in one social media app for your business. We put together a list of the nine best options. Each offers its own features and price points for your unique social media needs.

Continue reading to explore our list of options.

When looking for a free social media scheduler, we’ve got you covered! We compiled a list of nine options for you to choose from. Whether you’re an agency or an influencer, these social media management tools are designed to help you maximize your efforts.

SocialBee: Best Overall Option

SocialBee is one of the more affordable social media management tools. It also makes managing your social media accounts feel effortless.

all in one social media appall in one social media app

You’ll find the expected features that all the other social media apps offer, including:

  • Scheduling Tools: Scheduling posts is easy with SocialBee’s automation features. This all in one app suggests the best times to post. The calendar view allows you to see what content you have scheduled easily.
  • AI Assistant: In addition to writing content for all your social media accounts, SocialBee’s AI assistant will also help you develop strategies and campaigns. Never get stuck without an idea again!
  • Basic Analytics: Analyze your content’s performance across all the social media apps. Review your reach and engagement rates to better shape your content moving forward.
  • Social Engagement Tools: Engaging with your audience on various social media platforms is so important. Easily respond to comments, DMs, and mentions right from your dashboard.

This social media management tool also enables you to repurpose evergreen content. This means that your best-performing content can be given new life. It can be recycled and reused to continue providing value and engagement.

Scheduling Content

SocialBee is one of the more visual platforms. It offers a variety of ways for you to view your scheduled content. They include:

  • High-level overview
  • Feed view
  • Calendar view
  • Grid view
  • List view

This means you can view all your social media content in the best way for you. It’s one of the ways that SocialBee makes social media management feel effortless. They also have a social media management app that allows you to take care of all your social media duties from your mobile phone.

SocialBee also makes creating striking visuals for your social media accounts easy. They do this by offering in-app integrations with programs like:

Check out our in-depth SocialBee review to learn more.

SocialPilot: Great For Beginners

SocialPilot makes it easier for marketers to manage their social media accounts.

Marketers can manage their presence across multiple social networks with SocialPilot’s offering of tools, including:

  • Creating and publishing content across multiple social media channels
  • Customizing each post for the specific social network you’re posting it on
  • Scheduling up to 500 posts in bulk
  • Saving evergreen content and common hashtags in your media library
  • Easily responding to comments and messages in one social inbox
  • Analyzing content performance across a variety of social media platforms and compiling it into one document

Like most social media management tools on our list, SocialPilot also offers an AI assistant.

The platform’s AI assistant will help you come up with ideas, write social media posts, provide a list of hashtags, and more. And if you need more guidance on the creative side of growing your social media presence, this particular AI tool might be important for you.

SocialPilot is one of the best collaboration tools for teams that work together to create high-quality content. Marketing managers can delegate tasks to their team while still having final approval of all visual content.

For example, SocialPilot allows you to require content creators to submit posts to your for approval. This frees up time for managers to allow their team to create while still maintaining final approval of the content before it’s published across multiple platforms.

With various pricing options ranging from individuals to agencies, SocialPilot is a great social media management platform.

Tailwind: Ideal For IG and Pinterest Specialists

If you’re using Pinterest and Instagram to promote physical products, Tailwind will be one of the best social media management tools for you.

all in one social media appall in one social media app

Tailwind works with a specific selection of social media apps, including Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. They help creators automate the posting process to grow their social media presence and increase sales in their business.

This intuitive social media management app offers features like:

  • Providing post ideas and examples to help make content creation easier for you
  • Educating you on social media best practices
  • Tailoring campaigns to your specific business in order to effectively help you boost sales
  • Organizing your content schedule and reminding you to stay on top of your social media scheduling

Tailwind also offers the AI tools you’re looking for to help you write your social media captions. Their AI tool can write your copy in your unique tone of voice while maintaining social media best practices.

If you need help creating graphics and writing content, Tailwind has you covered there, too. You can upload your photos to Tailwind, which provides a large library of designs that are ready to use.

The variety of features provided in this one app make Tailwind one of the best social media management tools for people who sell products online and are looking to grow their business through social media.

Tailwind even has a free plan for individuals, and their Max plan for managing multiple accounts is still fairly priced.

Read our complete Tailwind Review to learn more about this app.

Sprout Social: Top Premium Pick

If you’re looking for a social media management platform that goes beyond the world of social, Sprout Social is there for you.

This all in one platform goes beyond social media management to help you improve not only your marketing efforts but your company’s bottom line, too.

Sprout Social is a unique social media management tool because it offers CRM features. Meaning, their partnership with Salesforce makes it easy for businesses to combine the best of social media management platforms with sales-focused CRM tools.

In addition to partnering with Salesforce, this all in one app has a long list of collaborations that are helpful for social media managers. Additional partnerships and integrations include:

  • Shopify
  • Google Drive
  • Canva
  • Slack
  • Dropbox, and so many more apps!

While they do offer free trials, there is no free version of Sprout Social.

Plans are designed for agencies and larger organizations that can afford this expensive of a tool.

However, marketers often report that the cost is worth it. Their performance reports are comprehensive and visually appealing. This means it’s easy for social media professionals to inform their bosses of how content is performing and helping the bottom line.

And of course, social media monitoring is super important for marketers to show their efforts are worth it.

Read our full Sprout Social review to learn more about this social media management tool.


Hootsuite has all the features to help you boost your social media efforts!

This social media management app goes beyond being your typical scheduling tool. Creating social media campaigns is streamlined with this helpful program. It enables you to:

  • Design posts using Canva templates
  • Schedule posts across the best social media apps
  • Publish content for multiple accounts in one place
  • Use AI to write content for your various social accounts at the touch of a button

After you’ve posted your content across various social platforms, Hootsuite helps you identify which pieces of content are performing the best.

You can then compare your posts’ performance against your competitors and even track how your content is converting into revenue.

This empowers marketers to show their bosses how the money spent on social media directly contributes to the company’s bottom line.

With their in-depth analytics tools, it’s no wonder that Hootsuite is trusted by various major brands, like Ikea, Domino’s, the World Health Organization, and more.

However, Hootsuite is an expensive social media management tool, even for individuals. This is why we’ll also cover many Hootsuite alternatives for freelancers and small businesses, too.


Later is one of the best social media management tools for making your life easier. They want their users to be able to brainstorm creative ideas for content, schedule posts, and review their analytics all in one app.

Later also provides easy access to the analytics you need to inform your social media strategy moving forward. This means you don’t have to do the math yourself, and your time can be better spent brainstorming ideas and scheduling posts.

One of the key features Later offers is easy integration with Link in Bio. This means you can maximize your social accounts by turning your bio into an opportunity to direct traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.

Later is even trusted by giants in the industry like the Food Network, Adobe, LTK, and Now This.

While Later does not offer a free plan, they do offer a more affordable plan for individuals. Their remaining pricing options cater to smaller and larger teams, too.


Founded in 2010, Buffer is one of the oldest social media management tools.

With a focus on providing intuitive and affordable tools, Buffer helps social media marketers organically grow their following. Additionally, the Buffer mobile app helps social media managers make sure they can get their work done from anywhere.

Buffer provides the social media management tools you need, including ones that cover:

  • Posting: Create, publish, and schedule posts for a variety of major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X (formerly Twitter), and many more.
  • Analytics: Measure your posts’ performance and receive helpful recommendations for growing your accounts.
  • Engagement: Enjoy easy access to your comments and quickly respond to your most engaged followers with Buffer’s engagement tools.

In addition to the standard tools you expect, Buffer provides additional helpful tools like their AI assistant and custom landing page builder. Whether you’re an experienced creative or looking for AI to write your posts for you, Buffer’s social media tools have you covered.

Buffer’s free account includes up to three channels and allows for social media scheduling of ten posts per channel. When deciding if Buffer is the right social media management software for you, they make it easy to test out with features like:

  • Being able to cancel anytime
  • Not requiring a credit card
  • Being able to try it for free

With a long history of supporting the industry’s social media marketing efforts, Buffer is a trusted partner for social media managers.


Agorapulse is a popular social media software for marketing agencies.

Useful features for effective social media management include:

  • Streamlined Inbox: Quickly respond to messages across all social media apps in one streamlined inbox.
  • Straightforward Publishing Tool: Easily schedule social media posts across a variety of platforms, all in one place. You can even invite clients to collaborate on posts and assign posts to different users for approval.
  • Actionable Analytics: Better reach your target audience with helpful reports showing how your content performs and which posts aren’t working.
  • Measure Conversions: See how your social media marketing campaign is translating into conversions for your business. Track which posts convert to sales, website traffic, and hot leads.

It enables agencies to collaborate, as employees schedule content and manage engagement for each social network. This social media management tool allows different users to create, schedule, and approve posts.

This program makes it easy to manage multiple social channels with its marketing calendar. With both weekly and monthly calendar views, Agorapulse makes it easy for social media teams to manage client accounts.

With pricing options ranging from standard up to advanced, you’re sure to find the one that matches your number of social profiles and agency needs.

Agorapulse is also known within the industry for providing top-level customer service. This means that even though it’s one of the more expensive social media management tools, they try to ensure it’s worth the price.

Best Social Media Management Platform for Agencies: Zoho Social

Out of all the other apps, Zoho offers a very high-quality offering with Social tools – one of the best social media management tools for businesses and agencies.

all in one social media appall in one social media app

Zoho Social makes creating and scheduling content easy with its comprehensive social media dashboard. You can easily publish posts with their flexible scheduling tool and customizable publishing calendar.

Their analytics also make this all in one social media app unique, too. Users can pull from premade reports to make their job easier for them. Or, when required, users can create customized reports, too, based on what their brand values most.

And similar to Sprout Social, Zoho Social also offers easy integration with various CRM tools, meaning you can improve your social media presence and client relations all from one app.

Whether you’re an individual content creator or running an agency, this selection of the best all in one social media app is designed to help you make the best decision for your business.

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