23 Great Online Summer Jobs for Teachers to Make Extra Cash in 2024

Online summer jobs for teachers are on the minds of many educators teaching kids during the school year but are off for summer break. What job options exist for teachers? Can you work online or part-time?

We’re going to answer all those questions in this article.

We’re covering 23 different online summer jobs for teachers to explore, including how each job works, pay potential, and more.

Let’s get into it.

23 Best Online Summer Jobs For Teachers

There’s a little bit of everything here for teachers, whether you’re a creative, have a true passion for teaching, or want to try your hand at starting a business. Check these out!

1. Tutoring

Working as a tutor can be done in person or online. You’ll help students better understand school subjects by providing guidance and help. This can include subjects like English, math, science, foreign language, etc.

Online tutoring companies like Varsity Tutors, Cambly, and Preply are options to explore if you want to work from home.

2. Freelance Writer

best day jobs for writers.best day jobs for writers.

Freelance writers make money writing content for clients and companies. This can include anything from ghostwriting a novel to researching and preparing a whitepaper, technical writing, content writing blog posts, and more.

For teachers who enjoy writing, this could be a great summer job to look into. You can even do it during the school year as a side hustle.

Freelance writing is generally pretty flexible and doesn’t have you tied down to a specific schedule. You write when you want and complete your writing projects by the deadline.

3. Blogger

blog slogan ideas.blog slogan ideas.

Working as a blogger is the perfect summer job for teachers who are creative, enjoy writing, and have a passion for a niche like fashion, food, DIY, or gardening, to name some examples.

Blogging can be pretty lucrative, too. Top bloggers earn up to $100K per month!

Starting a blog is not as difficult as you might think. This step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to start a WordPress blog that makes money.

Check out the Affiliate Lab for a tried and tested training program that shows you how to build, rank, and flip a profitable blog.

4. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobs for beginnersvirtual assistant jobs for beginners

Virtual assistants help their clients maintain their day-to-day and ongoing schedules. 

VA’s are outsourced tasks like:

  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Notetaking
  • Social media posting
  • Organizing files

Virtual assistant job opportunities are desirable and highly sought after. This job can pay pretty well. Some VA’s do this work full-time throughout the year as their primary income source.

If you’re organized and enjoy helping others, consider this job.

Start your job hunt with this list of 35 of the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

5. Etsy Seller

Sell products on Etsy! This can be a fun and rewarding online job that will keep you busy during Summer and throughout the year.

Etsy sellers create and sell handmade goods like:

  • Knit hats
  • Pillows
  • T-shirts
  • Jewelry

Etsy is also a place for digital goods like:

  • Website themes
  • Templates
  • Ebooks
  • Online courses

This is a good one to pursue if you have a hobby or passion you’d be interested in monetizing, like taking your love of baking and selling homemade brownies, for example.

If you don’t know where to start, check out this Etsy course, which will guide you through the process of setting up and growing your own successful Etsy shop in just a few simple steps.

With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating listings, optimizing SEO, and utilizing advertising tools to increase traffic and sales.

6. Teach English Online

A natural fit for teachers, online teaching! Work with students over the internet to teach them English.

ESL companies like Lets TEFL and VIPKid are worth looking into.

7. eBay Seller

is it worth selling on ebay.is it worth selling on ebay.

EBay selling is a flexible, fun way to sell stuff for cash. You can start by selling things around your home that you don’t want, like toys, linens, shoes, home goods, etc.

Some of the best things to sell on eBay are Legos, musical instruments, and vintage clothing.

These could be common things lying around your home.

There’s also eBay dropshipping, which can be pretty lucrative, and an opportunity to start an eBay business full-time, outside of just summer employment!

8. Virtual Babysitter

Get paid to entertain kids. This could be very helpful to parents who work from home and need their small children entertained or kept busy for a few hours.

Check out Virtual Babysitters Club to learn more about how this position works.

9. Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where educators can buy and sell educational resources like lesson plans, worksheets, materials, and other teaching resources.

Who knew you could monetize your lesson plans?

This is one of the best side hustles for teachers!

10. Amazon FBA Seller

Amazon’s FBA program is about Amazon fulfilling your orders for you as an Amazon seller. It outsources the fulfillment process to Amazon, taking it off your hands so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is something anybody can do, especially for a summer remote job.

This free guide shows you how to start an Amazon FBA business with very little money.

Top sellers like Clarence Cheang, who makes $17K/month from Amazon FBA, are doing really well running Amazon FBA businesses.

This business can be incredibly lucrative, with a real potential to create a full-time income stream for yourself!

Here are 9 of the best Amazon FBA courses I recommend you check out.

11. Social Media Manager

social media managersocial media manager

Social media managers help companies with their social media content strategy.

This can include:

  • Creating and scheduling a content calendar
  • Creating social media content
  • Responding to messages from fans and followers
  • Monitoring analytics and reporting

This is one of the top work-from-home jobs to consider because it is remote-friendly and a solid way to bring in some extra money over the summer months.

12. YouTuber

Make money creating videos and become a YouTuber! You can create content around subjects you teach during the school year, like reading development, social studies, special education, or even physical education.

YouTube passive income can sustain you year-round, too!

Pick a topic you’re passionate about and create a YouTube channel around it.

13. Content Creator

Content creators make money creating content over the internet, typically social media. You can start a TikTok channel, Instagram, Snapchat, or other social channel, make social media videos and posts, and get paid for it!

Here are some of the ways content creators make money on social media:

  • Brand deals
  • Creator programs
  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling products and services

This post will show you how to become a digital creator in 5 easy steps.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers refer products to others and earn a commission when that referral turns into a sale.

For example, if you share your referral link to Doordash with a family member and they sign up with your link, you may get a commission or reward from Doordash.

That’s exactly what affiliate marketers do!

It’s extremely flexible, a great remote job to look into that can be done part-time or full-time.

You can pair affiliate marketing with blogging, social media content creation, newsletters, etc.

This guide shows you the step-by-step process of how to start affiliate marketing.

15. Transcriptionist

work from home transcription jobs.work from home transcription jobs.

Transcriptionists get paid to type what they hear. They listen to audio files and transcribe the audio into a written transcript. This could be a good summer job for people who have a good ear and can work in a quiet environment.

Companies like GoTranscript and Rev are places that hire transcriptionists. Find out more in our Rev.com review.

16. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers manage and maintain account records for their clients. This can include:

  • Recording financial transactions
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable

This is a good summer job for teachers because it will utilize your organizational skills, has a flexible schedule, and offers a good option for supplemental income.

Read this post to learn how to start a bookkeeping business.

17. Summer School Teacher

Teach summer school! This is one of the most common jobs for teachers. Summer school has traditionally been in-person but some school districts and schools offer virtual summer school.

Teachers provide virtual instruction, and students can learn the curriculum and do testing and assignments from the comfort of home.

18. Proofreader

Proofreading can be a natural fit for a teacher. This is for people who have a good eye for spotting errors and a strong command of the English language.

To kick off your job hunt, check out these 25 places to find proofreading jobs from home.

Online Summer Jobs For Teachers With Offline Features

Some jobs start online, in terms of booking, planning, etc., and then take place in the real world. Here are some great options for this!

19. Landscaper

landscaping business names.landscaping business names.

Landscaping can be a rewarding job that allows you to flex your creativity, work with others, and bring your landscaping vision to life. You can do virtual landscaping online!

I used to work with a virtual landscaper who’d work with clients to produce a landscaping vision for their project.

For example, designing a garden water feature for their backyard. Then, coordinate the execution of the project with a local landscaping company. Lots of virtual service-based jobs are becoming more popular.

Take a look at our article on how to start a landscaping business.

20. Delivery Driver

Delivery driving is the perfect part-time summer employment to take on if you enjoy working independently and have access to a car.

Popular delivery apps include:

  • Doordash
  • UberEATS
  • Grub Hub

After applying and getting accepted as a driver, you’ll work from your phone, using the delivery app for drivers to accept orders, pickup and deliver them to their destination.

Delivery driving can work around your summer schedule nicely. You start and stop driving when you want. You can do this during the school year, too, for extra cash.

21. Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery apps like Shipt and Instacart pay you to shop and deliver groceries to their customers. There are shopper jobs where you do the in-store grocery shopping and combination shopper/driver jobs where you shop for grocery orders and deliver them.

These jobs tend to pay a bit better than traditional food delivery driving gigs, according to Glassdoor.

Since grocery orders tend to be larger, customers generally tip better. 

Think about how much you’d tip to a driver who delivered two plates of takeout food for you and your partner compared to a driver who delivered your two-week grocery delivery haul.

As someone who orders food and groceries for my family, my food delivery tips are about $4 usually, while grocery delivery tips are $10 to $15 minimum.

22. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

For animal lovers, dog walking and pet sitting may be a fun summer job to look into! 

Companies like Wag Walking and Rover are options to sign up with to start this work. Many of these jobs connect walkers with an app that can sign up to take jobs, kind of like how you’d assign yourself deliveries as an UberEATS driver.

Wag dog walkers have reported making up to $200 to $1,000 per week, depending on the area and volume.

It can be a fun, active job that gets you outside and exercising rather than being stuck behind a computer over the summer.

23. Babysitter


Babysitters care for children while parents are away. Whether you’re a high school teacher, or middle school teacher, or you teach elementary students, you have experience with kids.

Babysitting can be a natural fit.

You might have tasks like:

  • Supervising play
  • Taking kids to the park or pool
  • Preparing snacks and meals
  • Creating and executing a bedtime routine

Websites like Sitter City and Care are where many babysitters start, to find work.

Online Summer Jobs for Teachers: Bottom Line

Online summer jobs for teachers are out there! There are plenty of summer job options to pursue for teachers looking for work.

If you’re a teacher and feel stuck on what job to do this summer, I hope this roundup gave you some inspiration.

Which of these online summer jobs are you going after?

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