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The Last Agency

Born in 2022 under the aegis of managing director Bradley Kal Hagan, The Last Agency (TLA) has rapidly progressed into the design world’s delightful interloper—where the expected is politely shown the door, and the element of surprise is the plus-one. This motley crew of mavens from fashion, art and even tech, brings a kaleidoscope of insight, making “same old” a phrase never uttered in their lexicon. 

Founding client Kelly Wearstler is the poster child of the design world’s “cool factor” playbook. When Wearstler’s sixth book, “Synchronicity,” hit the shelves in 2023, TLA turned it into a fashion statement, netting features in the glossiest of glossies and making headlines in the New York Times Sunday Styles and the Wall Street Journal Off-Duty. 

TLA also took to the streets with the Kinfolk Foundation, spotlighting digital monuments by leading Black artists across New York City, as well as creating a Mercer Street Block Party during New York Design Week on behalf of furniture designers Orior—a way to cut through the noise and prove that, in a post-pandemic world, community is the new currency.

“The furniture industry has cooled since the pandemic-era boom, and marketing budgets are realigning,” Hagan tells Observer. “It is more important than ever to build community for brands and establish connections with their audiences in order to drive sales.”

At the crux of TLA’s narrative is a commitment to the long haul, exemplified by their journey with Wearstler. Looking ahead, TLA’s got grand plans to sculpt the future of design talk. Beefing up their brand strategy and creative partnerships, plus plotting a global office web, TLA’s laying down the red carpet for brands itching to jump from today’s buzz to tomorrow’s heritage.

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