Want to Buy YouTube Views? Here Are 5 Ways & Things to Know in 2024

If you’re struggling to get more views on your YouTube channel – you’ve come to the right place. Because I’m going in-depth on how to buy YouTube views – and discussing whether it’s something you should even consider.

YouTube can feel like a real rat race sometimes, as a creator.

You spend your time and effort creating the perfect video, only to publish it to crickets.

No YT views.

It only makes sense that you’re thinking about ways to get targeted YouTube views, and buying them is one option.

Some of the biggest YouTubers buy YouTube views, believe it or not. It’s a pretty straightforward process, but you want to ensure you do it ethically.

So, I’m going to breakdown the entire process.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to buy YouTube views online
  • The ethics behind buying YouTube views
  • Where to buy YouTube views

Let’s go!

How Do You Buy YouTube Views?

There are plenty of ways to buy YouTube views. From running YouTube ads to working with an influencer for a sponsored content campaign and other ways.

If you Google “how to buy YouTube views,” a big list of vendors will appear, offering YouTube packages for anything from targeted YouTube views to live stream YouTube views and even options to help you increase your subscribers.

I’ll cover how all these options work, the ethics behind them, and if they’re really worth it.

Let’s get into it.

Is It Ethical To Buy YouTube Views?

Buying YouTube views can be ethical if done the right way. Plenty of businesses invest in advertising to drive traffic, views, and generate sales from customers. YouTube is no different.

Ethics come into question when the methods you pursue for buying views violate YouTube’s terms of service. You’re using deceptive practices to give yourself an unfair advantage over others.

And therefore – it can have a damaging impact on your personal brand.

This can include:

  • Artificially inflating the view count of a video by paying for views from third-party services
  • Using bots for views rather than getting real views from users with a genuine interest in your content

Here are a few reasons why buying YouTube views is unethical:

First – buying YouTube views can be deceptive. It misleads both viewers and advertisers into believing that a video is more popular or engaging than it actually is. This deception can harm the credibility and trustworthiness of the YouTube creator.

Next, it gives an unfair advantage to the YouTube creator willing to pay for views over creators relying on genuine engagement and quality content to attract viewers.

Then, if you’re purchasing YouTube views from unethical sources – like those who offer views via bots – you risk getting penalized by YouTube. You can get your video flagged or, worse, get your channel taken down due to suspension.

Plus – purchasing YouTube views can result in low-quality engagement – which won’t help you rank in YouTube’s algorithm.

And although it may be tempting to just buy views – creating high-quality content that attracts viewers naturally is always the best path and will be the most sustainable route for you in the long run. 

Where Can I Buy YouTube Views?

Buying views isn’t all bad, though, as long as you do it ethically. With that said, I’ve rounded up 5 places you can go to to purchase YouTube views. Let’s dive in!

1. YouTube Ads

Buying YouTube ads is one of the best ways to get more YouTube views on your videos. You can fuel your videos with real YouTube views that can help you drive YouTube affiliate income, ad income, or earn money from your channel in other ways.

YouTube ads can be an incredibly effective way to drive views and help you grow your YouTube subscribers. You’re paying the platform to promote your video to a targeted audience within the YouTube platform.

You can also do this to buy YouTube subscribers, buy Instagram followers, and grow your following on other platforms that offer ads.

Here’s the 5-step process to create a YouTube ad campaign…

How To Run YouTube Ads 

  1. Create your YouTube Ad campaign
  2. Pick a video
  3. Set your target audience
  4. Set your budget and bidding strategy
  5. Choose ad placements and launch

Create a YouTube Ad Campaign: First, you need to create a YouTube ad campaign. You can set the video campaign to create leads, create brand awareness, and/or drive sales.

Select Your Video: Choose the video you want to promote. Pick a high-quality video that will resonate with your target audience.

Set Your Target Audience: Consider your audience and choose demographics like age, gender, and location that define your target audience. You can pick interests, behaviors, and more. 

Set Your Budget and Bidding Strategy: Determine your ad campaign budget and choose a bidding strategy.  

Pick between a daily budget and a total campaign budget. 

You’ll also want to consider different bidding strategies and pick the best one that aligns with your goals, whether it be to maximize views, clicks, etc. 

Choose Ad Placements and launch the campaign: Choose where you want your YouTube ads to run, like:

  • In-stream
  • Discovery
  • Sponsored cards

You can also choose to display your ad before, during, or after other videos or alongside YouTube videos.

Once you’ve set up the video campaign, you can launch and promote your YouTube video to your target audience! 

2. Influencer Marketing

collaborating with influencers.collaborating with influencers.

Partner with an influencer who will promote your YouTube video and YouTube channel. Sponsored content is a great way to promote your YouTube channel using an influencer in the same niche.

  1. Find a content creator to work with: You can reach out to creators you think would fit your sponsored content campaign. And you can also join influencer websites to find influencers to work with.  
  2. Collaborate: Talk about the deliverables, timeline, budget, etc.
  3. Contract: Put it in writing with a contract
  4. Execute: Launch the campaign

Finding sponsors to promote your YouTube channel is a solid way to attract real YouTube views.

Here are some tips for how to write good influencer contracts.

3. SlickSocials

SlickSocials is a website where you can buy social engagement like views and likes and followers, too.

They offer services for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

So, if you’re on other social media platforms, you could use SlickSocials to grow your Instagram follower count or Instagram views, for example.

For YouTube, you can buy views, likes, and subscribers. SlickSocials gives you tools to track the campaign, there’s no password needed for the service, and they overdeliver on your package. 

Prices start at $0.99 for 1,000 views. 

4. UseViral

UseViral is set up similarly to SlickSocials, where you can buy engagement and followers for platforms like YouTube as well as Instagram, Discord, Threads, Snapchat, and others. 

Many more options are available on this platform, as you can see.

Some of the services available include:

  • Buy YouTube targeted views
  • Buy YouTube Live views
  • Buy YouTube Likes
  • Buy YouTube Comments

Prices start at $4.50 for 250 views.

5. Mediamister

Mediamister offers social growth services to help you grow your followers and engagement. They offer a wide array of platforms they serve, from YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok to Clubhouse, Discord, Spotify, and even your podcast, to name a few.

The YouTube services cover everything from buying YouTube views to buying YouTube likes and dislikes, YouTube shares, YouTube favorites, and more.

Buying YouTube views is actually one of their top-purchased services.

They let you tailor your campaign with filters like:

  • Country
  • Views Type: Normal, Live stream, YouTube shorts, High Retention Views, etc.
  • Quantity

Buying 1,000 normal worldwide YouTube views runs $16.

Why Buy YouTube Views? Is It Worth It?

The short answer is more visibility.

YouTube – like other social media channels, can be tough to break into. Beginners can find it challenging to reach their target audience, and it can take a long time before your YouTube subscriber count reaches 1,000 or thousands. 

Between now and then, you might be fighting the feeling of giving up.

But YouTube is a long game.

You’ve got to be patient, remain consistent with creating content and you may see the rewards you’re looking for in the future.

YouTubers can make a full-time salary – averaging around $68,000/year, according to ZipRecruiter.

So, if you stick with it, it can really pay off and be your full-time career.

And of course, the top YouTubers make millions of dollars per year.

But it’s important to remember that they all started from zero.

Bottom Line on Buying YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views is possible strategy to take. And you can even buy live stream, video shorts views, and YouTube subscribers!

If you decide to go down this path of investing in your growth by purchasing views, make sure you keep these things in mind:

  • Buy from reputable providers
  • Do your research and check reviews
  • Avoid unrealistic claims
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Follow YouTube’s guidelines

Buying views may seem like a shortcut to success but it can come with risks and ethical considerations to think about.

The worst possible outcome is that you buy fake views to boost your YouTube channel, and as a result, you get a YouTube penalty or your YouTube account suspended.

You can avoid that by following the advice above.

Where’s the best place to go to purchase views from real users?


You can create a YouTube campaign custom-tailored for you so you can attract YouTube video views from your target audience. If you want to start purchasing views for your YouTube channel without worrying about legitimacy or if it’s ethical, this is the best path to take.

It can make a lot of sense for creators to buy YouTube views. You just want to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Whatever your reason, more views can lead to the goals you have for yourself, like getting closer to reaching YouTube Partner Program eligibility or driving more visibility to an offer you’re selling.

Why are you buying YouTube video views?

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