Top 3 Remote Side Hustles For Passive Income In 2024

If you’ve been searching for side hustle ideas so you can make money online while you sleep, you’re probably tired of seeing the same suggestions over and over. You’ve likely seen common side hustles such as blogging, affiliate marketing, graphic design, photography, or online course creation being touted as viable options.

Perhaps you’re looking for a novel idea to grab your attention. After all, you want to make money outside your job, not only passively, but in a way that ensures your skills and expertise don’t go to waste.

Here are three less-spoken of side hustles you might want to consider launching this year, to start building passive income from home:

1. Sponsored Content Newsletters

If you’re passionate about a subject and have significant domain knowledge and expertise within your field, why not talk about it and monetize it? One great way to launch is by starting on LinkedIn, creating a LinkedIn newsletter, as this is a relatively easy way to gain a strong following through your existing network. LinkedIn enables publicity in various locations across its platform, so that you can gain more subscribers.

As you build traction, you can then launch your newsletter exclusively on your own website. Continue sending newsletter content to your subscriber’s emails and focus on optimizing your content so it can rank highly in Google search engines. This way you can ensure, over a period of time, that you continue to attract and generate organic traffic.

Monetize your traffic by selling advertising space to companies, or including a special spotlight to feature their content, for a fee. As you build relationships with relevant businesses who can adequately serve your niche audience, you’ll be able to land more sponsorships, and this side hustle can generate significant passive income.

2. Content Licensing

Have you ever found yourself creating evergreen content—written, digital, or otherwise, which is so good that you wished you could continue to sell it to reach an even larger audience?

Perhaps you may be lacking the resources to bring your content to life in front of a new market. This is where content licencing as a side hustle comes in. With this side hustle, companies or individuals who wish to use and sell your work can pay a premium for a licence, and through this medium, you are able to leverage their marketing model and existing presence to reach new markets with your work.

3. Digital Graphics On Etsy

The digital product market on Etsy is highly competitive and saturated, but you still have scope to establish your voice, define your brand and mark as a seller—both on and off Etsy—to reach a potential market of up to 95 million active customers. Printables such as templates, worksheets, and art are highly sought-after on the Etsy platform. One of the advantages of choosing this side hustle is that it has low overheads, as the products you create require no more than a laptop and internet connection.

If you enjoy creating digital art, you could sell it so that customers can print for use and display in their homes. Your online Etsy store will always be open so you can make money online and continue to boost your income, many weeks or months after creating the products initially.

Have these three side hustle ideas inspired you to get innovative and explore your creative talent? With minimal ongoing effort, you can make money from home, secure your financial future, and escape the rat race of chasing a paycheck that barely covers the bills.

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