15 Of The Best Examples You Can Start in 2024

Micro SaaS ideas have exploded onto the market over the past few years, and many small developers have made their fortunes.

Micro SaaS ideas are small Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses that generally serve niche markets and/or address a specific pain point and provide a solution. An example would be Calendly, a scheduling tool that makes it easy to schedule appointments and meetings.

Users can create customizable scheduling links that they can share with others. These links allow recipients to easily book time slots, eliminating the back-and-forth of emails or phone calls.

This is just one idea of many. Below, you’ll see over a dozen more micro SaaS ideas to inspire you!

So, let’s get to it.

15 Best Micro Saas Ideas To Start Today

These micro SaaS ideas come from a variety of industries, from finance to career, fitness, and more.

Check them out!

1. Personal Finance Tracker

With more people taking an interest in personal finance , a personal finance tracker is a great micro SaaS business idea to look into.

Track anything and everything from:

  • Your personal budget
  • Spending habits
  • Savings goals

Goals, habit tracking, and alerts would be built into the app to alert users when they meet their goals, exceed their spending limits, or need a personal finance reminder to save money for the month or check in on their budget.

Examples: Tiller and Wally.

2. Billing And Invoices

For micro SaaS ideas that serve businesses, look into a billing and invoice app.

A billing and invoice SaaS business can help business owners and solopreneurs who rely on billing and invoice systems to operate.

Invoices can be streamlined so they can be easily and quickly created, sent, and paid for by customers.

Billing can be monitored from an app so business owners know when bills are due. Also, auto-pay options can be set up, and other functionalities can streamline the billing and payments part of the company.

Examples include Zoho and Recurly.

3. Resume Builder

Creating a resume builder is the perfect SaaS solution for workers, especially in this slow job market

Users can have the help of a professional resume builder, using it like a career coach in their back pocket:

  • AI-recommended resume tips
  • Peer-based resume review
  • Educational resources and job tips to aid in the job search process

Resumes are such a critical part of the job search process.

This is one of the most high-demand micro SaaS ideas. It could provide benefits like saving users time, allowing for smart and easy customization, and even potentially integrating with job boards like Indeed or Monster Jobs.

4. Habit Tracker

Creating a habit is one of the best ways to improve behavior, whether you’re trying to drink more water, curb your screen time, or start walking more.

One example of a habit-tracking app on the market now is Harold the Habit Tracker:

  • Harold helps users make decisions in line with the habits they’re actively working toward, like exercising more or drinking less alcohol
  • Text message-based reminders are sent to help you stay on track
  • A personal habit coach to help your tiny actions turn into permanent, long-lasting habits.

Personal habit-building is a smart solution to go after.

With 40% of your actions based on your habits rather than decisions, it makes sense people want to focus on improving their personal habits so they can reach the goals they’re aiming for.

5. Grocery Delivery

Creating a micro SaaS platform for grocery delivery is one of the best ideas for helping people outsource their grocery delivery to an app or platform.

I started doing grocery delivery to help me save time and save money. 

The time savings come from eliminating the 1-2 hour grocery commute and shopping time roundtrip. 

The money savings come from shopping from a list and inputting my order into an app instead of browsing a grocery store full of distractions that could easily add $50 in extra items to my grocery bill!

I see this as a smart SaaS solution for many consumers:

  • Elderly or disabled people who have difficulty grocery shopping due to mobility issues
  • Busy professionals who don’t have time to grocery shop for themselves
  • Budgeters who like the idea of organizing and shopping their groceries distraction-free using an app.

Examples of grocery delivery apps are Shipt and Instacart. More grocery stores are introducing grocery delivery, too.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a 21-billion dollar industry, and it has more than doubled since 2019. With more creators and influencers online than ever before, an influencer marketing micro SaaS app would be a great idea, benefiting brands and influencers.

  • Brands would have a platform to find influencers, negotiate brand deals, and organize the entire campaign
  • Influencers would be able to apply to campaigns and have a home base for communicating with brands about the campaign.

Examples of influencer marketing websites and apps are #PAID and Collabor8.

7. LinkedIn Idea Generator

Screenshot of the Linkedin Live page.Screenshot of the Linkedin Live page.

Did you know that LinkedIn is the top social network for professionals?

People flock to LinkedIn for everything from virtual water cooler chats to sharing work experiences and workday dramas, networking, and searching for jobs.

Despite putting your best skills on LinkedIn, it can still be challenging to come up with ideas to post.

When I began trying to use LinkedIn more to build my professional network, it was a real struggle for me to come up with ideas to post.

That’s where a LinkedIn idea generator app could come into play!

For social networking micro SaaS ideas, this one would be a good idea to pursue!

8. Meal Planning

Amid an obesity epidemic, meal planning is a great micro SaaS business that helps the population control their weight with smart meal planning.

This can include:

  • Planning and scheduling meals
  • Grocery list preparation
  • Coordinating and organizing batch cooking.

Meal planning helps weight loss in many ways:

  • Reduces the temptation of eating bad foods because prepared foods/meals will be available and on hand
  • Planning your meals allows you to make healthier food choices
  • Stress reduction, not worrying about meals to prepare, scheduling and organizing meal times
  • Portion control for avoiding overeating and sticking to your calorie goals.

Meal planning app examples include Paprika and Eat This Much.

9. Job Matching

free job posting sitesfree job posting sites

The idea behind job matching is to match applicants with companies based on skillset, preferences, and abilities.

Users can:

  • Create a new profile
  • Browse the app to find jobs that align with their profile
  • Apply via the app.

Job matching can also be more of a hands-off approach if you integrate artificial intelligence.

An app for legal documents is such a great idea and the perfect micro SaaS product to launch.

Legal Templates is an example of this. They offer legal templated documents for business, real estate, estate planning, and personal business, like a bill of sale or affidavit.

Users would have the legal documents they are searching for right at their fingertips instead of searching the web for the legal documents they need.

11. Virtual Event Management

Imagine using an app or SaaS product to create your virtual event effortlessly in minutes!

You could do things like:

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Plan a webinar
  • Create a virtual summit event.

This roundup of a dozen different virtual event management companies will give you some ideas of platforms already on the market, including companies like Livestorm or Notified.

12. Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaching as a micro SaaS product is such a smart idea! A fitness coaching app would give consumers the flexibility to take fitness anywhere they are.

It would work well for many people, from digital nomads to busy professionals who can’t commit to regular fitness sessions or even middle-aged to older adults who prefer fitness in the comfort of their home.


Future is a great example of this.

  • A fitness app that adapts to your routine
  • The ability to change workouts and fitness routines to align with your goals
  • Weekly workout plans published via the app
  • Your feedback and biometric data are recorded so your workout plan can be refined.

There are plenty of ways you can kick this SaaS solution for fitness up a notch, too!

13. AI Customer Support Assistant

AI customer support assistants are used in business a lot today. Think about a time you had a chat discussion with a company you did business with, like your cable company or cell phone carrier.

That initial conversation you had was probably with an AI customer support assistant.

Many times, companies use these AI customer support assistants to help with routine, non-technical issues that customers have, like checking balances or making a payment.

If the AI support assistant can’t handle the request, they can escalate to a human support assistant whom the customer would work with.

AI customer support assistants help organizations streamline and automate their customer support process.

The result?

Faster response times, greater consistency, and 24/7 availability. 

14. Team Productivity Tracker

A team productivity tracker is a tool used to monitor and measure the efficiency and effectiveness of a team’s work.

An example would be ClickUp.

Leadership can see how employees are using their time:

  • Are goals being accomplished?
  • How is the team utilizing their time?
  • Is the project on time?
  • Are tasks being completed?

All these questions can be answered with the use of a team productivity tracker. 

15. Subscription-Based Mental Health Management

Apps like BetterHelp, Calm, and Headspace are SaaS app options in this space. Users can log in to the app from the comfort of home and do a few different things, depending on the app.

With BetterHelp, you can connect with a licensed therapist. Calm is a meditation and sleep app, and Headspace is also for meditation and sleep.

You can take a startup idea like a mental health app and tailor it to a specific niche or audience, like travelers, moms, etc. You can also offer basic and premium features, making a free and upgraded version available to the public.

There are so many directions you can take an idea like this, and with the growing acknowledgment of mental health, more people are aware of mental health than ever before.

It’s one of the fastest micro SaaS trends, but I think it’ll be here to stay, which makes it a solid option for building the idea out into a micro SaaS app. 

Reasons Why You Should Break Into Micro SaaS

Breaking into the micro SaaS market comes with a ton of benefits:

  • Low barrier to entry: Micro SaaS is generally built around a niche-focused software with a smaller target market, which is easier to enter compared to a large comprehensive SaaS product.
  • Lower development costs: Fewer resources and development time are needed compared to a big SaaS operation.
  • Target market opportunities: You can target specific niches and solve pain points in underserved markets. 
  • Scalability: Micro SaaS companies can start small and scale big over time, growing as they gain more customers. 
  • Flexibility: Micro SaaS app companies are small and agile. They can be flexible, adapt to changes in the market, and pivot if needed. 
  • Bootstrapping: Fundraising via bootstrapping is possible since these micro SaaS companies may need a lot of money to fund the development of the business. It’s a big benefit over traditional SaaS businesses.

The Bottom Line on Micro SaaS Ideas

As you can see, there’s lots of opportunity in the micro SaaS world. The best micro SaaS ideas solve a specific niche pain point in the market. They can act quickly, move flexibly, and adapt as needed. They are usually built pretty lean, and the revenue potential of micro SaaS businesses is huge!

Some micro SaaS examples of companies you might know about are Salesforce, Slack, and Zoom, which have been built up to be huge companies and major players in their industries.

If you like to keep up with the development and evolution of micro SaaS, marketplaces like AppSumo and Product Hunt are great to check out and get inspiration from.

I hope this roundup gave you some ideas on how to hit the ground running. With a micro SaaS solution in mind, you can get up and going in no time.

Which micro SaaS idea will you be pursuing?

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