I make $60k per month with my lazy side hustle – I only work 2 hours a day but you have to watch out for fakes

A MAN quit his corporate job and now makes $2,000 a day working no more than two hours a day.

He’s sharing tips and things to be wary of when breaking into an industry that’s saved him years of work and made him lots of money.

A man revealed how he went from working in corporate America to working two hours daily


A man revealed how he went from working in corporate America to working two hours dailyCredit: TikTok/joshcelder

Josh Elder (@joshceldermakes) makes TikTok videos about his journey to being “job-free” for over ten years.

With a lot of questions coming in wondering just exactly how he does it, Elder made an explainer video revealing the method to his madness.

He opened by assuring that he didn’t succeed overnight and said he had “shiny object syndrome,” repeatedly jumping from opportunity to opportunity in attempts to make money.

It’s only when he fully buckled down that he came to discover high ticket affiliate marketing — the game changer that proved itself lucrative.

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Elder goes out and finds high-ticket products which include anything from physical products, to digital products, to software.

“I find products that have a high perceived value and a high price that pays high commissions,” he said.

This means anything with between 50 to 100 percent commission, he said.

According to Elder, he seeks products that are at least $,1000 and otherwise lowers the price point of the products he’s promoting if he’s making 100% commission on the product.


Elder cautioned viewers about the many fakes out there and what to be wary of when promoting products.

He advised those looking to get into affiliate marketing to always seek out products that have a lot of testimonials.

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You’re looking for products that you as a salesperson have consumed, embodied, and shown you’ve learned something from, according to Elder.

“By default, that’s how you will make sales,” he said.

Elder said it’s about seeking out a top-recommended product.

He provided an example of a product he’s worked on that has 18,000 testimonials, will help people, and allow people to make high ticket commissions while working less.

“We’re talking about one to two hours per day,” Elder said.

There’s a lot of scams out there so you have to be very careful about selecting a product to promote”

Josh ElderTikTok

Fellow TikTokers took to the comments asking Elder to show them just how he does it, with one person even asking for a bank statement.

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