Is This Twitter Marketing Tool Worth It In 2024?

If you’re looking to grow and monetize your Twitter audience, Tweet Hunter might just be the tool you’re looking for! And, in this Tweethunter review, I’m going to dive deep into what it has to offer.

Tweet Hunter is an account growth tool that claims to help you build and monetize your Twitter account…FAST.

In this Tweet Hunter review, I will cover:

  • How it works
  • The best features
  • What people are saying
  • Who should use it
  • Pricing
  • Tweet Hunter alternatives

Let’s take a look.

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Tweethunter Review

  • Ease of Use

  • Features

  • Stability

  • Price


Tweet Hunter is an excellent Twitter marketing and growth tool that helps users grow and monetize their accounts. It offers many great features to create better content, such as AI-generated Tweet writing, a viral Tweet library, and daily staff-picked Tweets. The scheduling and automation tools also boost account growth and help you stay engaged with your audience while freeing up time. Try out Tweet Hunter today!


  • AI-powered Tweet creation
  • Save time with scheduling and automation tools
  • Excellent viral tweet library and ideas for inspiration
  • Can add unlimited accounts
  • Detailed analytics to monitor results
  • Get insights on what content your audience likes
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Get 50% off the Grow plan if have under 5,000 followers
  • Excellent help section and resources


  • AI-generated Tweets often need editing
  • Some small creators may find the plans expensive

Tweet Hunter Review: How Does it Work?

tweethunter reviewtweethunter review

Tweet Hunter offers a range of AI-powered solutions for creators to manage and grow their accounts.

It helps users to:

  • Get content ideas
  • Write better and faster
  • Boost and automate
  • Engage and sell to people
  • Analyze and understand their results

After signing up, Tweet Hunter will analyze your account and find tweets from which you can take inspiration.

You can add an original thought, change the wording around, or if you have a mental block, use AI to make the content your own.

All tweets you create can be added to a queue, allowing you to schedule a whole month of tweets quickly.

In addition, you can enjoy tons of other tools to make your life easier, such as auto DMs to people who interact with your Tweets, auto-retweets, a viral Tweet library, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the features offered by Tweet Hunter.

Tweet Hunter Features

This tool includes many smart features to help you grow your Twitter presence on autopilot.

Content Inspiration

tweethunter reviewtweethunter review

Tweet Hunter has a range of tools to help you write better content faster.

You no longer have to stare at a blinking cursor. Tweet Hunter gives you access to thousands of the best-performing Tweets in your niche, which you can tweak for your own use.

You can also get AI-generated tweets in seconds that will resonate with your Twitter followers.

  • 3M+ viral Tweet library. Just type in your keyword and get access to thousands of high-performing Tweets and threads that drive engagement. Apply what you learn to your own content to grow faster and show followers you are an authority in your niche.
  • AI-powered writing tool and Tweet suggestions. Tweet Hunter will send you daily Tweet suggestions and thread ideas. Tweak these or use the AI writer to write a whole month’s Tweets in one sitting.
  • 4K+ staff picked Tweets. Tweet Hunter works with expert ghostwriters to curate lists of the best Tweets across 10+ different niches. Use these to get ideas and learn about Tweet formats currently performing well.
  • Tweet predict. This feature predicts how well your Tweet will likely perform before posting.
  • Thread ideas and hook generator. Great threads can go viral and get an account tons of new followers. Use the Tweet Hunter thread hook generator to get ideas that are proven to work.

Scheduling and Automation Tools

Save hundreds of hours writing Tweets daily and put that time into other important tasks to grow your business.

The scheduling and automation features of Tweet Hunter allow you to automate tasks while still being visible on Twitter and growing your followers and engagement.

automation featuresautomation features
  • Schedule Tweets and threads. Your Tweets and threads can be scheduled to post at the optimal time your audience is on the platform. Schedule content weeks or months in advance to free up your time.
  • Auto DM. Reduce the time spent writing, copying, and pasting DMs to your audience. Set up auto DMs to be triggered when someone interacts with your tweets, and send out freebies to keep people engaged.
  • Auto Plug feature. This allows you to get even more leads when a Tweet passes a certain number of likes. You can set this tool to ”plug” tweet below so it gets more impressions. It can be used to direct leads to an email list or a sales page.
  • Auto retweets. The lifetime of a Tweet is reportedly only around 20 minutes. Using the auto-retweet feature, you can automate a retweet of your own Tweet, after a certain timeframe, which helps to reach audiences in different countries.

Check out these free social media schedulers worth using.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Tweet Hunter’s CRM features help users get more leads, sales, and followers from Twitter.

  • Lead finder. Use Tweet Hunters AI lead finder to find new prospects and similar accounts.
  • Create lists of people. Organize your leads into lists and reach out to them with automated direct messages (read our guide on how to make a list on Twitter).
  • Engage. Engage with new prospects and similar accounts to build relationships with the right people.

Analytics Tool

analytics featuresanalytics features

Tweet Hunter’s analytics tool allows you to keep an eye on your Twitter performance, including engagement levels, impressions, tweet clicks, and profile visits.

  • Key metrics and top Tweets. See immediately which Tweets got you the most engagement, followers, and clicks so you know what is working with your audience.
  • Monitor daily follower growth. Keep track of growth spikes to learn when your audience is most active.
  • Detailed tweet statistics. Get detailed information on every Tweet you post, such as likes, replies, profile visits, and more.

Who Should Use Tweethunter?

Tweet Hunter is ideal for Twitter creators and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their Twitter marketing strategy to increase followers and monetize their accounts.

It’s also perfect for brands and businesses who want to free up their time and automate Tweet scheduling so they continue to grow around the clock.

If you manage multiple Twitter accounts, Tweet Hunter will streamline your operations with Tweet ideas and Twitter growth tools while allowing you to extract user data to improve customer relations.

Tweethunter Review: what is the Cost?

tweet hunter reviewtweet hunter review

Tweet Hunter offers three main pricing plans:


The Discover plan is priced at $49/month or $36/month when billed annually.

It’s ideal for those just starting to build their Twitter accounts and wanting to do it 10 times faster.

This plan includes the viral Tweet library, daily staff-picked Tweets, Tweet inspirations, Tweet and thread scheduling, automation features, and analytics.

The only feature you don’t get here is the AI writer.


This plan is priced at $99/month for Twitter accounts with over 5,000 followers, or $49/month for accounts with under 5,000 followers.

Grow includes everything in the Discover plan, plus the AI writer for tweet writing, thread ideas and hooks, and Tweet Predict.


The Enterprise plan is priced at $200/month and includes everything in Grow, plus advanced AI capabilities such as:

  • Training a custom model of AI to fit your needs
  • Engaging faster with AI-generated replies
  • Chat-GPT is available to use right in Tweet Hunter

Tweethunter Review: What Are People Saying?

I could only find one Tweet Hunter review on Trustpilot , but it was 5-star!

tweethunter reviewtweethunter review

G2 had two reviews of Tweet Hunter, with users praising the AI-generated Tweet feature, the scheduler, and the analytics.

One user commented that the platform can be buggy and some features would stop working occasionally.

tweethunter reviewtweethunter review

Is There Any Customer Support or Free Resources?

If you run into a problem using Tweet Hunter, head to the sidebar menu and click on the ‘‘Help” widget.

From here, you can choose from three options:

  • Bug reporting
  • Feature requests
  • Assistance needed with something else

The Tweet Hunter team says they aim to reply to messages within 24 hours.

The platform also has a pretty decent blog and FAQ section where you can get answers to hundreds of different questions.

If you’re new to Twitter, you can take advantage of their free resources section, which includes detailed guides on:

Another nice touch is the free tools available, such as the Tweet Hunter X browser extension for Twitter, which gives you a ton of extra information and enhanced search features.

Best Tweethunter Alternatives

Tweet Hunter is not the only tool for Twitter marketing out there!

Take a look at these best alternatives:


hypefury homepagehypefury homepage

Hypefury is another one of the top Twitter tools that helps users grow and monetize their audiences.

It has a huge bank of viral tweets from top creators that you can scroll through and take inspiration from for your own content.

Use the auto plug feature to auto-post comments under your best Tweets that link to an email list, online course, or website to significantly boost sales and traffic.

Other helpful automation features include automatic retweets and repurposing content to be posted on Instagram.

Price: Plans start at $19/month.


Typefully homepageTypefully homepage

Typefully is a similar tool to Tweet Hunter, that allows users to quickly schedule Tweets and threads at times when their audience is most active.

Get AI tweet suggestions and rewrites, and you will have access to powerful analytics to track engagement and see where improvements can be made.

Never run out of ideas with access to popular Tweets in your niche; send out DMs and giveaways automatically with auto-DM.

Price: Plans start at $12.50/month.


hootsuite homepagehootsuite homepage

Hootsuite is a social media platform scheduler that can be used for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

It comes with many features to save you time and boost account growth, such as AI content creation, a smart scheduler, the best times to post, social listening, analytics, and more.

It integrates easily with many other platforms, so you can track data and results all in one place.

Price: Plans start at $99/month.

Learn more in this Later vs Hootsuite review.

Tweet Hunter Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Tweet Hunter is an effective tool for those wanting to grow and monetize their Twitter accounts. This Tweethunter review has shown its range of smart features and the automation tools will help your account to grow while being able to take back some of your time.

The only drawback for some small creators and businesses may be the relatively high price point, even for the starter plan of $49/month.

But, if Twitter growth and making money on Twitter are important to you, Tweet Hunter is well worth using and may even pay back your investment with increased leads, sales, website traffic, and email sign-ups.

Get a 7-day FREE trial of Tweet Hunter here.

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