I made 6 figures in just five months from my side hustle… I learned how to do it in 2 weeks & work just 90 minutes a day

A STAY-AT-HOME mum has revealed the side hustle that she said made her six figures in just five months – and she only works one or two hours a day.

Em Walcott shared details for her side hustle via a video posted to her TikTok channel, @emtheaffiliate.

Em said she juggles her side hustle around looking after her kids


Em said she juggles her side hustle around looking after her kidsCredit: TikTok/@emtheaffiliate
She said she only works a few hours a day


She said she only works a few hours a dayCredit: TikTok/@emtheaffiliate

The mum revealed that she home-schools her children, so had to find a side hustle that she could fit around her busy lifestyle.

Em said the the “easiest and best” side hustle she could find was Affiliate Marketing, which involves promoting other people’s products online.

She said that all you need to do is apply to be an affiliate for a number of sites, such as H&M and Canva, set up a social media account to promote these sites, and then encourage people to click on links that will take them to the affiliate’s site.

Affiliates get paid on commission, so every time someone buys something after clicking on one of the links Em has directed them to, she receives money.

Em said: “This is how I was able to go from zero to six figures in five months.”

The mum said that she has now matched her husband’s full time salary, and has been able to pay for holidays and pay off her mortgage.

She added that she was able to make enough money to renovate her entire basement in just one month.

The mum said that it took her about two weeks to learn how to do affiliate marketing, and adding that she now only has to work on it 1-2 hours a day.

She added that she does everything from home, and can spend the rest of the day going to the gym and looking after her kids.

Em also makes money by selling a £5 course on how to become successful at affiliate marketing.

I quit my Asos job for my side hustle… then made £100k in three MONTHS despite having zero experience

The mum’s video has likely left many impressed, as it has racked up over 57,000 views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One person said: “Great information and motivation!”

A second person said: “We busy moms can get started with affiliate marketing even with limited time and resources”.

Do I need to pay tax on my side hustle income?

MANY people feeling strapped for cash are boosting their bank balance with a side hustle.

The good news is, there are plenty of simple ways to earn some additional income – but you need to know the rules.

When you’re employed the company you work for takes the tax from your earnings and pays HMRC so you don’t have to.

But anyone earning extra cash, for example from selling things online or dog walking, may have to do it themselves.

Stephen Moor, head of employment at law firm Ashfords, said: “Caution should be taken if you’re earning an additional income, as this is likely to be taxable.

“The side hustle could be treated as taxable trading income, which can include providing services or selling products.”

You can make profit of up to £1,000 a year tax-free via the trading allowance, but over this and you’ll usually need to pay tax.

Stephen added: “You need to register for a self-assessment at HMRC to ensure you are paying the correct amount of tax.

“The applicable tax bands and the amount of tax you need to pay will depend on your income.”

If you fail to file a tax return you could end up with a surprise bill from HMRC later on asking you to pay the tax you owe – plus extra fees on top.

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“Please help me lol”.

A third said: “I need all the details”.

A fourth said: “Wow, thanks for sharing”.

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