A Guide to the TOP 3 Affiliate Marketing Programs | by Yana G.Y. | ILLUMINATION | Feb, 2024

So, you’re ready to dive into the world of affiliate marketing but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options?

You’re not alone!

Today, I’m breaking down the big three: Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Impact. I’m gonna also give you a table with a detailed comparison — see below.

We’ll look at what each offers, their requirements, and how you, as a content creator, can kickstart a thriving affiliate business.

Let’s jump in!

Amazon Associates

As you probably know, Amazon is the biggest retail Marketplace for physical products in the world and sells pretty much everything from baby diapers to coffins. They have billions of monthly visits!

A whole hub of knowledge with lots of tools and highly valuable (and actionable) insights is available to you for free.

They will even give you a section with promo codes available exclusively to Affiliates!

  • What it Offers: Amazon Associates is the OG of affiliate programs. With millions of products, you can promote anything from books to blenders. Their Amazon branded digital services like video on demand or music streaming for example can also be promoted. And if you got a decent audience, you can apply for their Influencer program and create your own shop from their products!
  • How Much You Can Earn: Up to 10% commission on the sale price of an item. Flat fee commissions are also available for some products and subscriptions. The average is between 3% and 4% but even if 3% might not sound that sexy, when you recommend a $700 smartphone you will earn $21 just for giving someone a link to buy that phone! And Amazon needs no effort to convince people to buy from them!
  • Requirements: You need a website or a social media platform with high-quality content and a decent following. Amazon checks for active content and a clear privacy policy. Plus, you’ve got to make your first 3 sales within 180 days. Then you have to pass approval.

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