23+ Great and Easy Ways in 2024

Are you running a Facebook page or looking to start one and wondering how to increase Facebook page likes fast?

You’ve come to the right place because, in this article, I’ll show you 24 different tips for how to increase Facebook page likes like a pro.

After all, growing a Facebook page is still as important today as it was when it first launched over a decade ago. And so I want to ensure you know of all the strategies that even a beginner can use to grow a Facebook page!

Let’s get into it.

23+ Ways How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

how to earn money on Facebook $500 every day.how to earn money on Facebook $500 every day.

There are dozens of different ways how to increase Facebook page likes.

1. Show Your Facebook Page On Your Website

Cross-promote your Facebook page online on your website, other social channels, email newsletter, and offline, like at networking events.

2. Post Engaging Content

Create engaging content that your audience interacts with:

  • Visual content like infographics, videos, and memes
  • Educational content that’s informative and helpful, such as industry insights, case studies, etc.
  • Behind-the-scenes content

Here’s an example from ConvertKit’s Facebook page. They commonly post videos of their users and creators who share their journey with email marketing:

3. Run a Giveaway

Host a giveaway on your Facebook page.

Hosting contests and giveaways allows you to create excitement to entice and encourage your audience to participate, like, and share the contest.

4. Pin a popular post

Pin your most popular post to the top of your Facebook page for more visibility.

This will help attract even more Facebook likes, increase your social proof, and perhaps most importantly – encourage engagement. 

5. Post Consistently

Posting consistently on a schedule will help your audience know what to expect. You’ll start to notice more engagement during your posting times, naturally leading to more Facebook likes on your post and page.

6. Focus On Your Audience

Create content your target audience wants, not what you want to post. Post this kind of content over the long term and engage with your audience:

  • Reply to comments and messages
  • Respond to posts
  • Create a sense of community on your page

7. Get Inspired By Industry Leaders

Look at leaders in your industry.

Get inspired by the kind of content they’re posting.

Create similar content (but better) for your audience to enjoy and hopefully reap the rewards!.

8. Share Valuable Content

Post only high-value content that your audience craves. Remember that Facebook posts should seek to teach, inspire, entertain, and/or educate.

Here’s an example of an engaging post HubSpot shared on Facebook, asking their audience a question:

9. Be Entertaining

Your Facebook page doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Post engaging, entertaining content that sparks engagement and resonates with users. 

  • Funny Memes
  • Tell a joke
  • Heartwarming or inspirational-based content

Here’s an example:

10. Keep Posts Short

Facebook posts should be short, sweet, and to the point. People have short attention spans, and they’re increasingly shrinking.

You can’t expect them to read your entire five-paragraph post to the end.

And shorter Facebook posts get 23% more engagement, according to Fast Company.

11. Post Top-Performing Content

Publish data-driven top-performing posts often.

Look at your analytics to see which posts your Facebook followers like the most.

And simply double down on your efforts to create more of that content.

12. Poll Your Audience

Audience polls are one of the best engagement tools to use. Ask your audience a question. You can even ask them what kind of content they want to learn more about.

This is an awesome way to collect information and get opinions from your audience members.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a poll on Facebook.

13. Post At The Right Times

Dig into your analytics to uncover the best times to post. Then, post your content at these times!

According to SocialPilot, the best times to post to Facebook are early morning to late afternoon, depending on the day:

14. Optimize Your Facebook Page

Optimize your Facebook page to ensure it gets the best discoverability.

  • Your profile should be compelling and easy to understand
  • Your profile photo and cover images should be relevant
  • The Facebook Page “About” section should be filled with relevant keywords to help your target audience find your Facebook page

15. Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborate with non-Facebook influencers to cross-promote each other. Look for influencers in your niche on other channels, not just Facebook, with whom you can collaborate.

This is a great way to share audiences, and it can mutually benefit everyone involved.  

16. Collaborate with Other Facebook Influencers 

Collaborating with other Facebook influencers can be a smart way for how to increase Facebook page likes.

Here’s how you do it: 

  • Identify relevant influencers
  • Create co-branded content
  • Cross-promote each other’s content

This can be extremely effective at promoting your Facebook group, too, and it can help your Facebook group grow and thrive.

17. Run An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Partner with a Facebook influencer and run a marketing campaign. This is a great way to use paid social media marketing to increase your Facebook page likes, boost Facebook followers, and improve Facebook engagement.

When you start this process, here are some tips to ensure your success:

  • Spend time researching the right influencers that would be a great fit for your audience
  • Take time to prepare a pitch to propose your ideas
  • Use outreach tools like Ninja Outreach to help you find influencer contact details easily

These helpful tips will make the outreach process a lot easier for you.

Read our Ninja Outreach review to learn more about how this tool works!

18. Networking

Networking is an excellent way to promote your page and increase likes.

This can be done online or offline.

Online and offline networking are both incredibly effective ways to grow your Facebook page and increase the number of page likes you receive.

Online networking is possible through social media channels like LinkedIn, for example. You can also network online at industry events like virtual summits and conferences.

Offline networking is done similarly, but in-person, attending in-person networking events where you can talk about and share your Facebook page with others.

19. Offer Exclusive Content

Create, post, and give away exclusive content, which can include:

  • Incentives
  • Special promotions
  • Discounts

This page shows you how to create offers on Facebook, and here’s an example of what a Facebook offer looks like:

20. Create Saveable, Shareable Content

This means the content on your Facebook page should be so good that your audience will want to share and save it to show others. 

For example, for saveable and shareable content, search for viral Facebook posts to get an idea of what these posts look like.

Do you remember the viral ALS ice bucket challenge?

It went viral on multiple social networks and included celebrity participation. Even I did it!

In the end, over 17 million people participated in it worldwide, and it is predicted that it will raise over 200 million dollars for the A.L.S. association.

21. Promote Your Page in Facebook Groups

Join relevant Facebook groups where your target audience hangs out. Share valuable insights, answer questions, and be helpful.

This will attract them to you, then promote your Facebook page in a subtle, “non-salesy” way to encourage them to visit your Facebook page, like, and engage.

22. Host a Facebook Live Session

Facebook livestreams are a great way to create an engaging experience for your audience.

Did you know that Facebook Live comments are 10 times more than comments from regular videos?

Users are also more engaged overall, spending up to 3X more time watching live video chat compared to regular videos.

23. Experiment and Try New Things

Always be testing. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new tactics on your Facebook page to attract likes to your page.

Some ideas you might not have tried yet could include:

  • Running a Google Ad
  • Sharing Your Facebook page with a Facebook friend and asking for a page like
  • Create Facebook videos
  • Use digital marketing to grow your Facebook page likes

24. Run Ads

Lastly, run Facebook ads to grow your Facebook page likes. This is one of the fastest, most effective ways how to increase Facebook page likes.

Facebook ads are one of the many helpful marketing tools for growing your engagement and following on Facebook.

Here’s the step-by-step process for running a Facebook ad campaign and increasing Facebook page likes.

How Can I Get 1,000 Likes On Your Facebook Page?

The fastest way to get 1,000 likes on your Facebook page is probably by paying for it. This can be done through Facebook pages, such as ads or running a paid influencer campaign.

Short of having your Facebook reel or Facebook post go viral, investing in paid ads is one of the quickest ways to get to 1,000 Facebook page likes fast.

If your goal is to just hit 1,000 likes on your Facebook page without regard to time, you can use any of the strategies shared above to hit this goal, including combining multiple strategies at once or over time.

Why Are Facebook Page Likes Important?

Facebook page likes are important for many reasons:

  • Social proof: Lots of existing page likes can serve as social proof for you. Higher social proof can make people more likely to trust and engage with your brand. 
  • Visibility: Page likes help your content appear in more news feeds. For example, if a Facebook user likes your page, then the chances of your page appearing in their feed increase. When your page appears in their news feed, it can remind them to go to your Facebook page, read, and interact with your content.
  • Engagement: When you get page likes, it often translates into engaged followers. These people interact with your content, which helps build the visibility of your content and Facebook page. It also helps build a community around your brand. 
  • Analytics: The insights and analytics collected from Facebook page likes are incredibly valuable. You can learn about your audience, including audience demographics, engagement metrics, and more data. Understanding your audience can help you create better content to serve them, including tailoring a marketing campaign to appeal to that target group.

Bottom Line on Growing Your Facebook Page Likes

You just read about 24 different ways how to increase Facebook page likes. 

What’s next?

Start creating a plan to put into practice so you can start working towards reaching your goals.

You can use any of these tactics to get more Facebook users to like your Facebook page, including increasing your Facebook followers and Facebook fans.

Have you tried any of these growth tactics before?

Which method will you start with to increase your Facebook page likes?

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