‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John’s 3 Best Passive Income Ideas

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 26:  CEO of FUBU Daymond John attends the 2017 NBA Awards live on TNT on June 26, 2017 in New York, New York.

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“Shark Tank” Star Daymond John is an expert on making great investments. With a net worth of around $350 million, it’s also no surprise that he’s excellent with passive income strategies.

But can John’s strategies work for the average person? Or should you look elsewhere for passive income ideas? Keep reading to see how you can learn from his philosophy.

John’s Best Passive Income Strategies

Just like fellow “Shark Tank” Host Mark Cuban, John is no stranger to generating passive income. He doesn’t speak much about these strategies publicly, but you can learn from what he does, as you’ll see below.

Creating Resellable Content

John has written seven books — this might not sound like a passive income strategy because writing a book can be a lot of work. But now that John has finished writing these, he’ll continue earning income from them for as long as people purchase them.

You can write a book as well or focus on other types of content that are highly resellable. You’re probably an expert on something. Write a guide about it. If successful, you could continue to make money off that guide without any additional work for years.

Real Estate Investments

John owns a massive estate in New York and makes other private real estate investments. This shows he believes in storing a significant amount of his wealth in the asset class.

You may not have the capital to acquire a full apartment building. But there are apps now that let you buy a part of income-generating residential properties for much less. Once you purchase a stake in a property, you’ll get a split of its profits until you sell.

Stock Investments

John is also passionate about investing in equities. This can be one of the most reliable ways to earn passive income while also saving for your future.

For example, instead of investing in stocks with high growth potential, you could buy equities that pay high dividends to shareholders. With this strategy, the stock may not appreciate as much per share, but you’ll get cash sent back to you every quarter.

Many people choose to reinvest their dividends to grow their passive income faster. But you can also pocket the cash when you need it. If you’re going to invest in stocks, John believes in investing in what you know and choosing companies that are already doing well.

More Strategies for Passive Income

John’s investment philosophy isn’t for everyone. Other passive income strategies may be a better fit for your skills and goals. Here are a few examples.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have an online following, you can try affiliate marketing to earn passive income. Here’s how it works:

  1. Companies give you a link with a unique identifier in it
  2. You post that link on your website or social media profile
  3. When someone clicks the link and buys a product, you get a cut of the profits

Companies across all industries offer affiliate marketing deals. But you should look for ones that fit with your target audience. Doing so gives you the best chance at earning significant passive income.

For example, if you make TikToks showing your morning routine, you could try affiliate marketing for a breakfast or make-up brand. Mention the product in your video and share the link. Each viewer you have would then become an opportunity to make more passive income.

Rent What You Don’t Use

It’s never been easier to generate passive income with the property you own. You can find apps that enable peer-to-peer renting for everything from your car (Turo) to your home (Airbnb). There’s even an app for renting out the tools and equipment you’re not currently using (Rent My Equipment).

These can be powerful sources of income and don’t require much work on your end. But your results will vary based on what you have available to rent. For example, there are more people interested in renting vacation homes than circular saws.

Sell Your Designs

If you’re artistic, you can create and sell designs online through sites like Etsy. These can generate a lot of passive income.

Once you have a design that people like, it may keep selling on posters, T-shirts and other merchandise for years. You won’t have to worry about shipping or logistics either if you use a dropshipping company.

Open a High-Yield Savings Account

Another idea is to open a high-yield savings account. These pay a higher interest rate than traditional accounts. If you need the money, you can always withdraw it. But the longer you save, the more you’ll earn in interest.

Flip Products

Finally, you can earn passive income by flipping products if you have a good idea in fashion, home decor or something else. People do this by purchasing desirable products cheaply — often at thrift shops, garage sales and other offline venues.

If you can find a great item at a low price, you can often turn around and sell it for much more online. People do this with clothes on Grailed, Poshmark, Depop and plenty of other sites. eBay is also still a popular way to resell vintage and rare products.

The Final Word

John has never shared his top strategies for passive income explicitly. But from his actions, it’s easy to see that he values creating resellable content, investing in real estate and buying stocks.

Your passive income journey may not include those strategies. It’s all about taking advantage of what you have — whether that’s an extra room you can rent out or a passion for design that can turn into a passive business.

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