Is The Commission % Worth It In 2024?

If you are a home improvement niche content creator, you may be wondering if becoming a Lowe’s affiliate program partner is worth your time.

Lowe’s is a renowned home improvement retailer in the US, offering a huge range of appliances, tools, paint, equipment, and much more for homeowners.

According to annual sales stats, Lowe’s brought in 97 billion US dollars in 2022, just behind its main rival Home Depot, who brought in 157 billion (see also this Home Depot affiliate program review).

There are over 2 million Lowe’s products you could promote.

But before you sign up for their affiliate program, let’s investigate what it offers.

Take a look below to find out more!

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Lowes Affiliate Program

  • Ease of Use

  • Range of Products

  • Customer Service

  • Commissions


Lowe’s affiliate program is an option for home improvement and DIY content creators to promote relevant products. There are thousands of products to promote in many categories, but with a low commission rate and short 1-day cookie window, some affiliates may find it hard to make a decent amount of money.


  • Thousands of products
  • Decent support
  • Low payout threshold
  • High conversion rate


  • Low commission rate of 0.8%
  • Short 24 hour cookie duration
  • Limited payment methods

What is Lowes Affiliate Program?

Lowes affiliate programLowes affiliate program

The Lowe’s affiliate program was launched in 2011, offering bloggers and website owners the opportunity to make money with affiliate marketing promoting home improvement products.

Lowe’s affiliates can promote various items, including tools, hardware, appliances, cleaning supplies, electrical, building materials, and more, through their unique affiliate links and banners.

Lowe’s is a trusted brand with a solid reputation in the homeware niche, so if you have a relevant audience, you can be sure the products you promote will be popular.

Lowe’s products are ideal to be promoted in home improvement, building and gardening content to give readers the option to buy related products.

How Does it Work?

You can sign up for the Lowe’s affiliate program through FlexOffers.

After approval, navigate to your affiliate dashboard, where you’ll find referral links, banners, and other creative assets to promote different Lowe’s products.

Copy and paste your affiliate links into home improvement articles, and when readers click these links, they’ll be directed to the product on the Lowe’s website.

Every sale that’s made through your unique affiliate links and banners earns you a commission.

How to Join the Lowes Affiliate Program?

lowes affiliate programlowes affiliate program

It’s simple and fast to join the Lowe’s affiliate program.

Follow these steps:

  • Sign up to FlexOffers if you don’t already have an account.
  • Fill out the FlexOffers publisher application with your name and email details.
  • Click to agree to the FlexOffers publisher’s terms and conditions.
  • Give details about your company and traffic sources – where you plan to send customers from to Lowe’s offers (eg; blog, social media, or newsletter).
  • Provide tax and bank information on where you want commissions to be sent.
  • Wait for an approval email. You’ll be prompted to click a link to confirm your application.

Requirements to Join the Lowes Affiliate Program

To join the Lowe’s affiliate program, you must pass these minimum requirements:

  • A high-quality website based in the US with decent traffic numbers.
  • Websites with a focus on home improvement are preferred.
  • You may also be accepted as a Lowe’s affiliate if you have a significant follower count on social media, focused on DIY or home improvement.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved?

Typically, approval for the Lowe’s affiliate program can take between 24 hours and up to two weeks.

Make sure you fill out all the information requested. You risk slowing down the approval process or being rejected if anything is missing.

Lowe’s is an extremely well-known brand for home improvement in North America, and it sells a massive range of products in many departments.

Here are a few of the main product categories you can promote as an affiliate:


lowes affiliate programlowes affiliate program

There are a range of home appliances to promote that come in at high price points, such as microwaves, refrigerators, cookers, dishwashers, washers and dryers, small appliances, and more.


This section includes a range of products and accessories such as sinks, hardware, bathtubs and whirlpools, mirrors, showers, tiles, vanity units, and more.

Building Supplies

Lowe’s products are popular with DIY experts and builders, with products on sale including ceilings, decking, drywall, fencing and gates, gutters and anything you need to fix a home!


Promote a range of handy tools for homeowners and builders, such as automotive, drills and drivers, hand tools, scaffolding, power tools, welding and soldering tools, batteries, and chargers.

Outdoor Living and Garden

garden hoses for salegarden hoses for sale

If you have a garden-focused blog, you can promote various useful Lowe’s products, like grills and cooking equipment, garden hoses and sprinklers, fire pits and patio heaters, outdoor lighting, patio furniture, and more.

These are just a few of the popular Lowes categories. There are many more, including:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Electrical
  • Flooring and rugs
  • Hardware
  • Paint
  • Plumbing
  • Smart home
  • Security
  • Pet care
  • Holiday decorations.

There are endless opportunities to earn with the Lowe’s affiliate program, and you can test out promoting different products to your audience to see which ones resonate.

What is the Lowes Affiliate Program Commission Rate?

commission ratescommission rates

The Lowe’s affiliate program currently pays 0.8% of sales (excluding gift cards and lumber products).

One downside of the Lowe’s affiliate program is that it only has a 24-hour cookie duration.

This means if a customer finds a Lowe’s product through your site but clicks away and goes back to buy the product more than 1 day later, you will NOT get the commission.

How and When Does Lowes Pay Affiliates?

Lowe’s affiliate program payment terms work on a two-monthly basis.

You can expect your commissions to be paid two months after the sales are finalized.

The main payment options include a check or a direct bank deposit.

Once you log into your Lowe’s affiliate program dashboard, you’ll be able to analyze your clicks and sales in the reports section.

From here, you can further filter your results to see performance results, transaction type, and detailed reports.

If you need help at any time, you can click on the ”Support” tab and chat, call, and email the support team 24 hours a day.

Who is the Lowes Affiliate Program Right for?

The Lowe’s affiliate program is ideal for a range of content creators, such as:


If your blog content is in the home improvement, DIY, gardening, or building niche, Lowe’s products would be ideal for you to promote as an affiliate.

Create helpful blog posts and add links to relevant Lowe’s products that will help your readers solve a problem.



A large social media following in the home improvement niche is perfect for the Lowe’s affiliate program.

You can talk about Lowe’s products you use and love, and if your audience is engaged, you can earn commissions when people buy what you suggest.

Small Businesses

While you might think it’s strange to send customers to another business, this makes financial sense when you earn from this referral.

For example, if you sell rugs, you may want to link to Lowe’s appliances and home decor products in a relevant blog post as a way to give your readers more options for furnishing their homes.

Pros and Cons of the Lowes Affiliate Program

There are pros and cons to joining Lowe’s as an affiliate. These include:


  • Thousands of products. There are thousands of products you can choose to promote in many different categories. Some affiliate programs only allow you to promote certain products, while Lowe’s allows you to promote anything except lumbar or gift cards.
  • Low payout threshold. Once you have at least $50 commissions, your earnings can be withdrawn to a bank account. If you opt for a cheque, you must have at least $100 in your account.
  • High conversion rate. Lowe’s is an extremely popular brand with over 150 million website visitors in the US each month. And, with the home improvement trend being big business, affiliates promoting their products have a high conversion rate.


  • Limited cookie duration. With the cookie duration set at 24 hours, your affiliate link information is only stored for one day, which may reduce the amount of sales you make.
  • Payment methods. The only current options for affiliate payments are direct deposit and cheque, which may annoy some people who like to use PayPal.

Tips for Making the Most Money with the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

If you decide to promote the Lowe’s affiliate program, there are multiple ways to boost your commissions:

Build an Audience Who Trusts You

A way to build trust with your audience is to create content that solves problems.

Once people see you as an expert in the home improvement or DIY niche, they’re more likely to buy what you suggest.

Another way to build trust is to promote Lowe’s products you actually use and to create genuine product reviews.

Create Niche Relevant, Helpful Content

Create content that aims to solve a problem for the reader and doesn’t just promote.

People don’t want to be sold to and your content should guide your readers in areas that they’re interested in.

Diversify Your Traffic Sources

blogging contentblogging content

It can be dangerous to rely only on one traffic source.

A social media account can get shut down and search engines can make changes in an instant, like we’ve seen recently in the latest Google Core and spam updates.

If you have one traffic source taken away, it’s great to have another one you can rely on.

Explore various traffic methods such as:

Best Alternatives to the Lowes Affiliate Program

Take a look at the best alternative options to the Lowe’s affiliate network:

Home Depot Affiliate Program

home depot affiliate program homepagehome depot affiliate program homepage

Home Depot is a hugely popular home improvement company that has over 1 million online items eligible for shipping on its site.

You can join the Home Depot affiliate program through Impact Radius and promote products such as appliances, smart home, decor, flooring, building materials, and more.

The majority of online sales made through your link will only get you a 1% commission, but you can get 8% on delivery and pick-up in-store orders.

Ikea Affiliate Program

Ikea is a popular company that offers easy-to-assemble, affordable furniture, appliances, and homeware.

If you want to promote their products as an affiliate, you can sign up for the in-house affiliate network or through Tradedoubler or Admitad.

They allow deep linking, offer a range of marketing content to help you make sales, and commission rates are 5% of the product value.

Learn more in this Ikea affiliate program review.

Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliate program homepageamazon affiliate program homepage

Amazon is an extremely well-known and trusted site where customers buy a huge range of products from all over the globe.

This means it’s a top option for affiliates to promote relevant products on their blogs, which should get a high conversion rate.

However, Amazon’s commission rates are notoriously low, ranging from around 1% for video games, grocery and health products and up to 10% for luxury beauty products.

But, Amazon is a master of sales and does a good job of promoting relevant products to customers which can boost checkout value.

Learn more in this Amazon affiliate program review.

Lowes Affiliate Program: Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Lowe’s affiliate program offers a low commission rate of 0.8% and a short cookie duration of 24 hours, so you may find it hard to make affiliate sales.

However, Lowe’s is a popular and reputable brand in the home improvement and DIY niche, so if you have this type of audience and can get a lot of link clicks, it is possible to make some money.

Focus on creating great content and linking to relevant products to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with the Lowe’s affiliate program.

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