9 Site Builders To Get Started Fast

You are ready to build a website for the first time (or the fiftieth time) but have zero coding skills. The good news is that you don’t have to be a web design expert to create a beautiful website that will convert more customers to loyal fans. After all, a professional website builds credibility. But what is the easiest website builder? 

Website building is complex, but the best website builders don’t overcomplicate things.

I have compiled the 9 best options to get you started quickly and easily; whether you want to grow a blog, niche site, or online store, you will find something from these website-building options. 

Ready to build a website from scratch or let AI take a spin on your site? 

Let’s dive in! 

9 Best Options for the Easiest Website Builder

The easiest website builders are found all over the internet. Most platforms have a user-friendly website builder that makes it easy to create pages that match your desired aesthetic. Drag-and-drop editors, pricing, and advanced features like AI integration make these nine options stand out. 

Which one will you choose to build your next website? 

1. WordPress: Best for Customization and Budget

While it may seem intimidating to beginners, the WordPress site builder is a powerful tool that you can harness to create extremely customizable websites — all without breaking your budget. You only need inexpensive web hosting through a provider like Bluehost to get you up and running. 

The actual site builders involved in WordPress.org are available free with a one-click install. 

The benefit of this website builder is that you have a seemingly endless array of plugins to make your pages look just the way you envisioned them.

You can also do some neat behind-the-scenes things to track your metrics and see how people engage with your site. They even have SEO tools like Rank Math.

If you decide to build a WordPress website, opt for an intuitive, user-friendly, and lightweight theme like Astra or Divi. These templates can be used for anything you can envision: e-commerce features, community forums, an art portfolio website, and more. 

Web hosting through Bluehost costs just $2.45 per month for one website (billed annually). Combined with the free WordPress software, this is a real steal that can give you the website of your dreams!

2. Squarespace: Best Website Builder for Customization

While a WordPress website is a great option for someone looking for the easiest website builder, some users may not want to mess with a third-party host for their site. Squarespace is a great flexible option that keeps all of your content in one convenient location. And they’ll handle your hosting, website builder, and more. 

The best part about Squarespace is its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You need zero coding knowledge to create your online store, set up a page to book appointments, or display your portfolio website. 

These website builders also come with access to SEO tools so that you can make the most of a blog or other types of content creation. Squarespace features a detailed analytics platform that lets you see where people visit, which pages they engage with, and which products are selling the most. 

In today’s world, you also want to ensure that your site can be viewed easily on mobile devices. Most templates on Squarespace are optimized for the smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet. 

Pricing starts at $16 per month but includes everything you need to build your first website. You can also use a custom domain. 

3. Wix: Best Free Website Builder

If you’re looking for a free website builder for beginners, W ix might be your perfect platform. Like Squarespace, it features a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for site builders to get to the desired finished product. 

The only problem is that it isn’t as customizable as some of the other website builders you’ll find here. It may also take you longer to flip through the 900+ templates as they can be quite slow to load. If time isn’t of the essence for you, you may prefer to save the cash and build your online store or even a website at Wix. 

One of the perks that makes this a contender for the easiest website builder is its AI functionality. Don’t want to stress over creating a site? No worries — Wix can get you sorted out with their artificial intelligence design, which can be done repeatedly until you land on a website you’re happy with. 

4. GoDaddy Website Builder: Best for Beginners

Looking for the easiest website builder for beginners? The GoDaddy website builder is an affordable and intuitive program that will get you where you need to go. It isn’t as customizable as WordPress or even Squarespace, but it may be worth it if you need the cheapest website builder to get you up and running in no time. 

When you launch your own website, you will go through a list of standard questions. On the other side, GoDaddy will produce a site based on your needs.

The benefit of the GoDaddy website builder is that it’s an all-in-one platform like Squarespace. They handle your hosting, website builder, and even your marketing tools with search engine optimization, appointment setting, and more. Plans start at $10.99 per month for this candidate for the easiest website builder. 

Of course, you can also get your hosting and domain name through GoDaddy and build a WordPress website. Their web hosting packages come with one-click WordPress installation and start around $6.99 per month, billed annually. 

5. Shopify: Best eCommerce Features

Online stores have unique needs when it comes to web hosting, and Shopify is among the best website builders in this particular niche. No matter what level plan you select, it includes your web hosting and access to a robust list of e-commerce features:

  • Unlimited products
  • Product promotion on multiple sales channels
  • Checkouts with higher conversion rates
  • Ability to track in-person sales
  • Analytics
  • Discount codes and gift cards
  • Abandoned cart recovery.

There are several free templates you can choose from for an impressive online store. However, you could upgrade to a premium template (which may set you back about $200 to $300).

Keep in mind that the Shopify website builder also allows you to handle marketing for your new page. Built-in blogging tools, social media marketing, and even search engine optimization tools all set them apart from the competition, which may only offer e-commerce features. 

The Basic plan which is considered their base-level website builder for beginners who want an online store comes in at $29 per month billed annually. Keep in mind that they do charge a higher card rate compared to their more expensive tiered plans. If you have a large volume of sales, it may be worth it to upgrade to a more expensive plan with lower fees per transaction. 

6. Hostinger: Best on a Tight Budget

Maybe you have a little bit to spend and want the easiest website builder you can get your hands on within that budget. Hostinger is a great option and may be the best website builder for anyone who doesn’t mind missing out on some of the more advanced features of Squarespace or a WordPress site. 

Like all of the best website builders, it features a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create a very simple website as quickly as possible. Their limited library of templates won’t keep you occupied for hours, but that makes it so much easier to get off the ground running without overwhelm. 

Similar to Wix, you can also use their AI functionality to build a website that resonates with an audience. It’s not bad if you just need a basic website. 

How much money can you save by going with Hostinger’s best website builders? It will set you back by about $2.99 per month and it comes with a free domain name alongside your web hosting.

7. Duda: Best for Advanced Features and Agencies

Most website builders are focused on the solo entrepreneur or a small business that is just getting off the ground. Duda has a slightly different focus, making it one of the top website builders for advanced business owners or even agencies. 

That being said, it does come with a higher price tag ($19 per month for the lowest-priced plan).

If you have the budget to spend, you’ll love the user-friendly interface and enhanced marketing tools that will enable you to build a professional website quickly. They advertise that they can cut your build time in half when you launch a new site through their platform, thanks to AI tools.

This easy website builder makes it easy to manage search engine optimization, creates a fast website, and has enhanced performance over the competition, according to the Google Technology Report. The search engines will love your new website, giving you great value for money. 

Don’t forget to check out our in-depth Duda review to learn more! 

8. Webflow: Best for Advanced Users

Webflow might be the magic tool you have been missing if you haven’t been impressed by the free website builders like Wix. They boast an easy website builder that doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. Instead of playing around with the code, you use a visual editor (similar to what you might have with WordPress).

Webflow translates your design into code that your designer can use to build a website that meets your unique specifications. 

Whatever you want to create, it’s possible if you have time to invest in learning Webflow’s ins and outs.

Included in their monthly fee is your AWS web hosting and great security features for your users. Start for free to stage your site and get a feel for the platform (which is great value for money). You will need to upgrade to a Basic website plan ($14 per month) or CMS site for blogs and content ($23 per month).

Get all of the details you need to make your decision in our Webflow review

9. GetResponse: Best for Email Marketing

Are you looking for an easy website builder that is more about your email marketing tools than building an online store? GetResponse is the easiest website builder if you need something quick and easy. You won’t have to worry about integrating your email list within your existing website builder, which makes this a standout option. 

Build the easiest website you can with a premade template designed for a wide range of businesses. These customizable templates allow you to change a lot, giving you a more custom feel. Remember that they have limited marketing and SEO tools beyond their integration with your email marketing. 

While they do have an AI tool to help you, it isn’t as user-friendly as other platforms. Still, it’s a powerful website builder if you have a little bit of time to devote and want something that makes your marketing strategy more cohesive. 

Their lowest tier starts at $15.60 per month, billed annually, and comes with a custom domain. 

Learn more about whether GetResponse is the right fit for you in our detailed GetResponse review here!

Final Thoughts on the Easiest Website Builder?

As you may have realized, there are no easy cookie-cutter answers when it comes to finding the easiest website builder.

Many of them will provide an equal exchange of value for money and easy website building, even for someone who may lack coding knowledge. 

Whether you want a free plan, something affordable, or something highly customizable, you will find what you are looking for here. 

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