I’m a stay at home mum who did 4 side hustles to see which made the most cash – I had a clear winner but there’s a catch

A STAY at home mum who did a six-month challenge to see how much she could earn through side hustles has revealed the winner.

Savvy mum Jamie explained that all of the ways she tried to bring in some extra cash enabled her to be at home, on her phone, via the Internet.

Savvy mum Jamie tried four different side hustles to see which brought in the most money


Savvy mum Jamie tried four different side hustles to see which brought in the most moneyCredit: TikTok/@savvyjamie
She found this survey site successful, but there's a catch as it has a waiting list


She found this survey site successful, but there’s a catch as it has a waiting listCredit: prolific

The first was via “paid surveys”.

“Now I know some people say the hit and miss, um, but I’ve had quite good luck with surveys,” she said.

“My top site is a website called Prolific.”

However, there’s a catch if you want to sign up – there’s a waiting list.

“But that is definitely the most lucrative one,” she continued.

“And then I’ve also made money via Atopol and Eureka and those just quick surveys via my phone.

“They tend to just pay pennies, but I do them when I’m sort of sitting around waiting for something, when I’m laying with the kids while they’re falling asleep at night.

“Just little moments that I’ve got!”

The second way she’s made some extra money is with affiliate marketing.

But Jamie doesn’t recommend going for an affiliate marketing course that’s often suggested by influencers online, as she said that in her opinion “that’s a massive scam”.

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“I’ve had success with affiliate marketing just by sharing things that I love with family, friends, and you guys on here,” she said.

“And the best places that I have done that are some of my survey sites, Atapol and Eureka. And also some cashback sites.”

Her third side hustle was selling a digital product – a side hustle tracker spreadsheet – through her Stan store.

And the last way she’s made money is through her TikTok page, which offers “multiple streams of income”.

“At the end of 2022, I completely started my TikTok account from scratch, and I’ve grown it to 80,000 followers,” Jamie explained.

“And I think if I can do this, anyone can do it.”

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: “So inspiring!

“Well done love!”

“I will forever be grateful to you for telling us about Prolific; it helped me so much last year,” another added.

As a third said: “I’m focusing on my tiktok and digital products in 2024.”

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